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Episode 19




James goes to the prison and taunts his son again for most probably having to spend the rest of his life behind bars...unless he joins forces with his father. Paul refuses, but James asserts that the longer he runs from his true destiny to be a Stenbeck, the stronger his destiny will become. Paul eventually gives in and agrees to help his father, but asks James what exactly he is signing up for and James tells his son that he has the luck of being the one to help Barbara fall in love with James again.

Meg goes to Emma's to talk to her, but Emma has already learned the truth. She breates her daughter for doing such a low thing. Emma claims that she thought Dusty was the one she needed to look out for, but in truth, it was her own daughter that needed the distrust. Meg tries to explain her reasoning and that everything turned out all right in the end, but Emma continues to scold Meg, saying she doesn't even know her own daughter anymore.

Henry comes to Mike and Katie's with some information on TV stations and breaking into business. Maddie, who spent the night with Katie, and Katie can't help but see just how excited Henry is. Henry explains that if you can't join them, you must beat them and explains that he hopes to open up his own station. Maddie is excited because it means a job for her (with a lot of pay), while Katie remains skeptical, citing that Henry doesn't have the money to get his own business up and running. Henry then explains to Katie that that's where she comes in.

Luke and Holden are feeding the horses in the barn when Luke brings up his alchol problem. He says that with all the family problems and all the stress, alcohol was his only friend. Luke apologizes to his father for his wreckless behavior and Holden forgives him. Holden is convinced that Luke knows better now, but still insists that he see a counselor. Surprsingly, Luke agrees to do it.

Carly, Dusty, Jennifer, Sierra and Gwen have all arrived at the Worldwide board meeting. Jennifer shows Dusty and Sierra the sketches of Gwen's that Carly found and explains that Carly and Gwen would like to be a part of Street Jeans once it re-launches. Dusty tells Jennifer to not get her hpes up. There might not be a Street Jeans after the meeting is over. An assistant comes in and tells everyone that the rep for NewBreed Fashions has arrived, leaving all five on pins and needles. Everyone is completely flabbergasted when the rep appears and announces himself as Nick Kasnoff.


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