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Episode 156



Barbara, in a touching scene, begs Hal at his gravesite to show her a sign that she's being way overprotective. Later, as she walks through the park, she notices a girl laying on the ground and crying, saying that her mother never lets her live her own life and always makes her decisions for her. Barbara laughs and thanks Hal for the sign. Lisa wonders what Roxie did for a living back home and Roxie explains that she used to be a fashion designer but her company was bought out and she never returned to it. Emma begs Mr. Sanderson, the man from Oakdale National, to reconsider. She reasons that this is just another one of her farm's bad months. However, Mr. Sanderson tells Emma that she has 31 days to vacate her farm. Alone, Emma worries about the fate of her family once the farm is gone. In New York, Henry and Kim attend a conference and continue planning on hosting a telethon in memory of Hal. Henry once again thanks Kim for trusting him and wonders what everyone back home is doing.


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