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Lucy Returns!



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Lucy Returns!

Peyton List, who returned for a short term stint as "Lucy Montgomery" back in June, is returning yet again. "This is another short term thing, but I feel it has to be made to progress the story," says Executive Producer and Headwriter Dusty Alford.

Lucy was last seen in bed with Dusty right after he learned Meg was pregnant. Kind of a douchebag, huh? "He thought Meg was up to her old tricks, but it turned out that she was actually telling the truth," says Grayson McCouch, who portrays "Dusty Donovan".

When Lucy returns, though, things are definitely going to start getting messy. "She has a surprise for him. But it's a bad one," says McCouch. "Dusty's already got enough problems with guilt [over sleeping with Lucy while his pregnant fiancee' stayed up waiting for him]. He doesn't need this right now."

Look for List to return on August 2.

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This should really be interesting...I wonder what Lucy will have to tell Dusty....and Meg is home wondering where he is....Can't wait.!!

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