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  1. Peter Davison didn't say he was less than thrilled. He expressed one thought that worried him while expressing approval of the person they cast. And he's apparently been run off Twitter by abusive Doctor Who "fans."
  2. I didn't send anyone a message, and I do appreciate the videos provided, but I also wish there was a limit to how many can go into one post or one page. It's only happened to me a handful of times, but I've also had this thread crash on my iPhone 7 before. Again, I do thank everyone who goes to the trouble of posting videos for our viewing pleasure, but I wish we could get some actual discussion of those clips back up.
  3. I like Jack, so I think it'd be awesome if he came back.
  4. I'm okay with this. I didn't need a female Doctor to make my life complete like so many on the Internet seem to have, but if I can't have one season of Capaldi out from under Moffat after his strongest turn was when he was finally out from under Clara or a miniseries with Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor (not giving up on that yet!), I'm good with this. Though I do fear the possibility that the gimmicks that tanked Michelle Gomez's Master in my eyes (starting with "Missy," everything screamed "He's a WOMAN NOW!!") might prove too tempting. I want the Doctor to be written as a person, just like the Doctor has always been. Whitaker can take care of the rest.
  5. Sorry, but I have to disagree about the Danny/Michelle story. As much as I side-eyed Rebecca Budig, the Michelle who actually fell in love with the violent criminal who forced her to marry him was a complete stranger to me and so I didn't care about her or her criminal husband. And I so very much resented the attempts to make the gangster Santoses look better by making Ed an absentee father who just didn't give a damn. For that reason alone, I refuse to accept anything Santos.
  6. Nick and Susan were so sweet, and as a long term Alex fan, I really appreciated that the writers didn't go the easy route of Nick and Susan leaving town to get away from Alex's toxic disapproval. Alex ADORED Susan before she and Nick started dating, and it was so good to see them not fighting over Nick's personal life, whatever else was going to hell in a handbasket that year (the entire show going back to centering around Reva, Phillip, and Harley - though it was later) that the memory of Nick and Susan just makes me smile. I love them.
  7. The first sign of a pulse I ever got from Crampton was with Hoxby's Cutter and Michael O'Leary as Rick and she was on her way out at both points! What could have been, in both cases! Marcy Walker and Barbara Crampton are classic examples of not adjusting stories to fit what the actors bring to the table. They held onto the idea of Marcy as leading (though I liked her with both Newman's Josh and Hoxby's Cutter) far too long and they also held onto Nick and Mindy opposite a completely different Alexandra for far too long. Chris Bernau was equally awful compared to Not!Billy opposite Marie Wallace on Dark Shadows in the same storyline, but I blame her for that one, considering what he achieved as Alan Spaulding.
  8. Wasn't NuBilly played by the acTORR who played Sky Rumson on Dark Shadows? I literally laughed for DAYS when I made that connection when I made it that far on my Dark Shadows DVDs. "NOT!Billy!" Fun times, I tell you.
  9. For me, Tangie's initial run got better with age, especially since Josh's prospects took a steep downhill turn after Annie 1.0 (the non-insane one). I still hate the pairing with Alan that turned out to be her swan song, however. It's a shame they never seriously considered pairing her with Patrick Cutter. The chemistry wouldn't set the world on fire, but it was serviceable.
  10. This is such a great period that's being uploaded right now, and this dude's been doing it for several years now. I'd say it wasn't until mid 1994 that the wheels really started to come off and Reva's actual return was the death knell. I'm so glad to be able to relive this great period and my first real soap crush David Grant isn't far off.
  11. That's definitely Hoxby.
  12. The harbinger of the end.
  13. I think a combination of Jensen Buchanan and someone making the decision to turn Vicky into a Mary Sue (complete with at least three male protectors at all times, including ghost Ryan) completely destroyed the character Anne Heche and, to a lesser degree Ellen Wheeler, had created. Why Ryan wanted anything to do with her after the whole Kirkland mess is completely beyond me. He should have left that ring on the ground where it belonged and bounced for good that time.
  14. I'll have to agree on Mac Cory. I think John Abbott was a pretty good father overall.
  15. Can I sit with you two? I adored those two so much I even adored their break-up scene. It was more mature than I would have expected at that point.
  16. Didn't that story get him canned and led to DM's departure from AMC? I can see him being gunshy when it comes to the bigots in the audience, but I've never seen anything regarding his feelings on the stories (Cliff and Angie and Jack and Luan) other than veiled comments with no credible sources to back it up. Then again, I always got the impression he does give off a bit of a douchey vibe, so what do I know?
  17. I don't think you should. When he dialed it back, I thought some of his performances in the roles I've seen (Bucky and Buzz) were masterful. Unfortunately, he got more and more over the top in the last decade of GL. But I felt his Emmy wins were more legitimately earned than, say, Natalia Livingston or Tom Pelphrey or half of Anthony Geary's.
  18. David Andrew MacDonald's Edmund was the closest this show ever came to another Roger Thorpe and I'll go as far to say that I found Edmund's reasons for his more horrific behavior far more compelling than I ever found Roger's. He was the only character from those dark San Cristobel/Santos days that ever should have lasted more than nine months, in my opinion.
  19. Oh, I agree with you. But this generation of soap writers will need the benefit of Kay Alden's experience as long as she's willing to give it. No one, not even Kay Alden, will be Bill Bell, or Agnes Nixon, or Irna Phillips. But she's the closest we have and she's the closest to old-school soap we'll ever come to again. Hopefully, Sussman and Alden are not only righting the ship, they're doing what they can to ensure the ship keeps on the right way. And this is coming from someone who grew up on the P&G soaps and has only read about the Bell soaps, with occasional sojourns when the stories interested me.
  20. I'm in the middle of watching the last three episodes onDemand and I'm in. Keep on keeping on, Sussman and Alden. Can we keep them forever and ever?
  21. I'm going off what's available on YT from that time, which certainly doesn't seem to be everything, but it seemed like they were trying to have it at least three different ways with Carl leading up to his death-via-not-wanting-to-pay-CK-anymore. At times it seemed like Carl was returning to his evil ways. And then they throw in medical stuff that didn't make sense that he could have been faking, such as the headaches while he was alone and not needing to put on a show for anyone. And then there was the return of his fear of never being able to measure up to Mac (who could blame him for that one, though?) and losing Rachel (and now his children) because he couldn't measure up. And then there was a mention or two of possible PTSD brought on by the Nikos debacle and Matt and Amanda's betrayal of Rachel. And then they throw in that Embers in the Snow crap where, out of nowhere, Cass is now one of Carl's moving targets? Was that ever explained, or just dropped in the wake of Carl's death? I mean, have I put more thought into this now than the writers did at the time?
  22. It would have been pretty difficult to bring Frankie back, but at the same time I can't help thinking that any excuse would have worked for a good portion of the audience. Wow. That really is horrifying. I can't imagine what VW and CK were thinking playing those scenes out. After all Carl and Rachel had been through, to end like that? What the hell were they thinking?
  23. Since the latter years have been brought up, can someone explain Bobby Reno/Shane Roberts, Alexander Nikos, and Anne O'Donnell to me? I don't know how popular Sam was, but on the subject of the other two, if Show had two popular actors who were willing to come back in John Aprea and Alice Barrett, why not resurrect the popular characters they played? Also, once the Nikos story actually ended, what was going on with Carl leading up to his last "death?" Had Matt and Amanda actually driven him insane, or did they blame everything on the plot device tumor they pulled out at Key West the last week of the show? Did he really try to have Rachel killed, or was he doing things and not realizing he was doing them?