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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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truenorth, we hardly ever see ELQ. It is basically just ordinary corporate office looking, multi story, etc. We used to see so much more of the Q mansion than we do now. Now, it's basically the Q sitting room. The boathouse now and then, and the foyer. Tracy, back in the day when they showed her bedroom, was huge LOL. I would imagine her closet alone is probably the size of most people's rooms.


I hope we get good Tracy stuff this week, anxious about what is in that letter Dillon finds.

Good to see you posting, Ms.Q ! Ever since Luke left, it's been pretty slow around here. It's kinda sad. :(

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truenorth, what would you like me to try and describe? :)


And yes, I'm sure Tracy's closet is huge as Danny has been exploring in there at least twice. :lol:


I'm hoping for a long lost kid story, and it wouldn't surprise me if Hayden was supposed to be Tracy's at one point, but I don't think she is now. And I definitely don't think Luke and Tracy have a kid from the past.


My spec is that this sudden attachment to the baby may lead to a long lost kid, but GH isn't committed to it because Jane seemed ready to retire in her latest interview. If her contract isn't up in the fall, she'd have an out in October (maybe early November) as that's when she first re-signed. I guess time will tell. My fingers are crossed that she doesn't disappear this summer. 

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I wouldn't mind a long lost kid, but I also doubt Luke would be the father. 

If written properly, I think Jane would re-sign a contract. At least I hope so... I don't think the show could handle losing her.

Her erratic behavior with the baby may end up being a side effect of the infestation....

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See I kinda got the feeling that while Jane is looking forward to retiring, she didn't speak of it as something happening really soon. Who knows? I prefer to think she'll be around another year or more. What are they doing with the baby stuff? Not sure they even know, LOL. Long lost kid, or just filler material that leads nowhere, with these writers, could be either/or or neither.

I am grateful we get to see her, just wish she had better material. This isn't really about "her". And I do want her to have something about her, even the worm infestation was more about Finn and Jason getting to play hero.

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Long gone are the days where this thread was hopping. :( 


Seems like the Tracy/Sabrina/baby stuff was filler. Go figure. 


I doubt Tracy is getting another story after she just had that medical one. One can argue it wasn't a story about her, but all just to introduce Finn (who I will say over and over again - did NOT save her life, but whatever...), but IMO, it was still a Tracy story. Now did it ever get more than 3 days a week? Nope. Hell, there were 2 weeks during that story, if I'm not mistaken, where she wasn't on AT ALL. Unfortunately, that seems to be an issue with the current powers that be. Unless you're a chosen one, your story gets put on the shelf from time to time. Seems like character fans first care enough to pick the story back up, but general viewers have probably lost interest.


So that was ONE issue with her story. Another was her actual screen time per episodes was sometimes VERY limited. Not all the time, but how are you gonna tell a character she has brain cancer and then basically have no follow-up? I remember one episode was like... What's wrong with me? Cut. You might have brain cancer. *looks distraught* Cut. So what's the next step? Cut. The episode where she and Finn played Monopoly and she had the seizure at the end was yet another blink and you miss her appearance. Just a bit over 3 minutes.


Fortunately, the scenes we did get, particularly with Leslie Charleson, were so fabulous that it almost made me forget about the lack of screentime and lack of dedication the writers and producers gave this story. I also enjoyed all of Jane's expressions and her scenes with RPW. GH missed the boat with Ned though. Is Wally even still taping for GH, I wonder?


Looks like Tracy is on the 27th and the 5th... Was supposed to be the 24th and the 30th, but dates are off by a day now because of the preemption.

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Long gone are the days when any soap board is hopping-but yeah it's sad to see hardly anyone posting here anymore. I did mean to come in and bump the thread because she was on last Friday, but her scenes were so short and I just honestly couldn't think of anything to say other than groaning about how they aren't using her, LOL. I do think she will be on the 30th and/or the 1st of next week as well as the dates you posted, Ms.Q. There is a spoiler out there somewhere for one of those days.

Sometimes I think we'd be better off if Jane went to recurring, but I doubt it, because there are already dozens of people who we only see sporadically. I still do think there's more there, and I try to keep hoping for the best, that they are going to give her more to do and maybe even a story of her own, about her. Note to TPTB that airtime propping Finn and Hayden ain't it. Though I don't mind THEM supporting TRACY'S story, that would be a nice change.

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I feel weird posting in here, basically replying to myself. But oh well. I enjoyed Tracy the last few appearances-I always do. Part of me is a little scared they'll never again give JE a love interest. Trying to be positive though-but other than throwing Paul at her, who is there?

I doubt they'd let Tracy win against Hayden for Finn-even if Tracy wanted him-but who knows at this point, if she even would? They aren't giving her much to do, or much of a perspective, compared to others. I can't tell-but I do think Tracy is lonely, which is one reason she clings to Finn in the first place.


But-you know how I had that "feeling" they were planning something, then they gave her the illness story(as pitiful as it was?).

I have that feeling again-they are planning something for her-something pretty awesome and dramatic and something that will let JE sink her teeth in to it. It's just feeling for now...but I was right last time, so. We'll see.

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Hi ILTQ. I'm glad you're still posting. :)


I hope you are right with your feeling. Maybe they are making Tracy the hospital murderer (and it will be revealed near the end of Jane's contract in October/early November). The brain worms are back! Or rather, the doctors missed some of them. lol. 



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There's so woefully little to comment on, but I'm glad all of you are still here.

And ILTQ, I SO hope you're optimism pays off. I'd love to see Tracy have a bit of a romance, too. They're stingy with her air time, though, so I'm not hopeful. It's such a struggle to watch the show at all, these last few months. I always enjoy Tracy, but even her scenes aren't very interesting, though I'll keep tuning in as long as she's on, anyway, and I can't tolerate any of the rest of the SLs. I keep hoping this will change, I want to eagerly look forward to GH every day, again. Are there any promising spoilers circulating?


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truenorth, the only spoiler for next week is that Tracy is unconvinced by Dillon's claim, and that's for Friday. Fortunately, we do know she is on Monday with Naomi and Hayden because she is in the previews with them. I'm not bored by her scenes, but I do wish GH did more with her only story this year - that being the illness. We got good stuff, but there could have been so much more. 


Speaking of that illness, Finn is all like, "You're still recovering, your body can't take the trip, blah, blah, blah." Um, she seems fine to me? I read that people can still have seizures have brain worm treatment, but GH is playing that up, so I don't know why Finn is making such a big deal about her taking a trip. It's probably more stressful to stick around in Port Charles, lol.


I also don't get how Finn is like, "We can't let anyone else know about this" when Tracy said she could have one of her connections take care of it, but here they are in the previews, asking Noemi, and then Sonny is the one who eventually gets to help. So much for keeping it a secret. Tracy could have just gotten someone from her past to handle it, but I guess Sonny had to find his way into another story. 


I know that Hayden isn't a popular character with a lot of viewers (or so it seems), but I thought at one point, GH would make her Tracy's daughter. Tracy hasn't gotten a long lost kid yet, so why not? Plus, they resemble each other and have bonded. I think now it's more likely that Liz and Hayden are sisters though (same mom, Naomi, but different fathers). 


The latest in contract news per HNY at Daytime Dish is that Jane wants to retire in the fall when her contract is up, FV wants her to say, but Jane is not being swayed. Grain of salt. I believe HNY has info, but I also believe things are constantly changing, so who knows what the future holds. As hooked pointed out elsewhere, it took 8 years to grow her hair out, and now she is leaving... WTH, lol. 

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*waves to truenorth and Ms.Q*

Yeah, I don't know what is up with the whole "your body is still recovering" jazz. If they were just going to shove Tracy out of the story as the rescuer, why involve her at all? As you said Ms Q Sonny has to have his paws in everything.

This show is a mess. *sigh*

I'm strangely all right if Jane does retire. If they are not going to make use of her, it's probably for the best. However-I always kind of pictured her as staying for a few more years-if the show is still around. I would like her to get a good exit story, but these writers couldn't do it justice I don't think. I wonder  if they could make a deal that RC was a temp writer just for the purpose of writing her out. I always felt he loved writing for Tracy. He gave Tracy Joe Jr, after all.


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*waves* I got a lot of time until August 6th... So if anyone pops in and wants to say something about Tracy or Jane, I'll happily add to the conversation. 


On the topic of RC...

He also gave her the relish - haha. But as ridiculous as that was, it gave her screentime and some hilarious (unintentionally hilarious?) dialogue.

He gave her the ELQ story and the fight with AJ.

As mentioned, he gave her Joe Jr. and the water toxin. I mean, she was Patient Zero!!!

And to quote Jane, he gave her "unrequited love" with Luke.

Hmm, what else...it wasn't much, but more of ELQ, this time with Nikolas.

RC apparently had plans for Paul and Tracy.

His Quartermaine reunion anniversary and Luke's breakdown anniversary episodes were good.

He did a nice job of keeping up Lulu and Tracy's relationship.

The Edward memorial episodes were nicely done.

As far as Tracy goes... his big mess up there was Fluke... and that affected more than just Tracy. 


Moving onto Jelly...

She hasn't gotten much other than the illness which resulted in awesome scenes, but it wasn't an awesome story, if that makes sense.

And of course, Jelly gave her this on again/off again partnership with Hayden.


ILTQ, maybe GH is removing Tracy from the story if Jane is retiring. I wonder if the plan was to ever make Tracy and Hayden mother and daughter... Like it seemed possible late last year and early this year. Then perhaps Jane brought up retirement (right before the illness story), so the Hayden/Tracy scenes surrounding the illness played out, but then Hayden disappeared from that story. Now if Jane is leaving, instead of being mother/daughter, GH settled on them being sort of friends?


For those interested, here is what I remember about Guza (prior to Tracy's relationship with Luke)...

The Dead Man's Hand

Hotel fire aftermath

Continual involvement in Dillon's love life

Lila's Will

Murder Mystery Week at the Quartermaines


Guza seemed to have lost interest in Tracy for December 2004 through April 2005. End of April is is when LuNacy started, and as a result, she got more screentime (except in 2011, I believe), but she was also tied to Luke and Lulu. Oh wait, Guza did make her sick in the toxic ball story, so that was something that didn't involve Luke. 


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*waves back* I guess I just  have a fondness for RC's respect for JE. Yeah, some of his stuff was dumb, but I do think he really liked writing for Tracy. I am not so sure these writers do. I think they recognize Tracy is popular, and respect Jane as an actress, but I don't get the feeling they just are chomping at the bit to write her a story. I do still think maybe something is coming for her-exit story or not. Guess we'll see !

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Hi all...long time no post/chat

I do believe Jane is ready to retire and will do so this fall. I've kind of been ok with that knowing that it is her choice and not her being let go or dropped to recurring like most every other vet on the show. Jane strikes me as the type who makes a decision its time to move on and won't look back no matter how much convincing.  She has said she has a full pension from the union so she is good.  I hope she doesn't hang up acting totally like she said because it would be fun to see her in another role.

a netfilx show like Grace and Frankie -- would be dream show for me!  


Anyway, hopefully we will get some exit story.

On a personal note, just moved my son out to LA, and have been traveling a ton.  Have a busy travel fall coming up too!  Hope everyone is well here!  I got to see TracyLuv in New York this past spring which was a nice treat!  

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