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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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More later--I haven't seen today's ep--but ILTQ, no, you don't need to beta your story. Just post, whenever you like and with story in whatever shape it's in. You won't need to have someone else post...unless you just want to.


I'd be glad to help with that, if you do still want someone to look it over, though. I tried to find someone to do this for me a few months back, wrote to about three people who say they beta read, and no one responded! No one's checking this stuff, and no one's updating lists of beta readers on ff.net.


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Okay, sounds good. I have several ideas floating around. Just don't want to do anything too complicated right now I don't think. I will let you know more later as I decide.


I really do like the way Tracy stepped up for Monica on Thursday. I love that the show has them closer now-one good thing this regime is doing is showing their relationship evolving. It's nice. :)

Love that Monica has her job back !

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I like it too, and it's about time Monica had that part of her job back. I hope it means she'll be around more.


I'd have appreciated a mention of Tracy's birthday. It just occurred to me that it's been two years since anyone remembered it, and with Ned and Dillon both here this year, it might have been a nice touch to have someone remember it.

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Nah, Tracy isn't Sonny or part of that crowd, so her birthday doesn't matter. I'll wager a guess the current writers have no idea when the show has established that it is. Fun fact, that in actuality, many years ago, it was established her birth was in September or thereabouts. I don't think the show really knows or cares about those things. Again, unless it is a plot point, or  you're important enough that they make it an issue.

No Tracy last week, will she not be on again this week, either? Bummer. I will watch if Finn or Dillon or Ned are on. Otherwise.........


Hope everyone is having a good week so far !

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I usually check the spoilers posted on the GH Critical List site, and its very last item for this week says "Hayden must ask Tracy for help." So maybe that's Friday..


It is a bummer, no Jane, last week or this, so far. I wish I could just give up GH altogether, but I really love seeing her too much to do that.


Sad that it's sweeps, and I don't even care to watch.


Yeah, where IS Ned? And Dillon? I would watch to see them, too, but nothing else is compelling. Well, Franco and Nina, a little, but it's not enough to make me tune in, if Tracy or even other Q's aren't also on. Yeah, I might watch an ep for Monica, too.


Thank goodness--and the internet--for access to British soaps! (Emmerdale) It's shocking how much better they are than ours. With that, I have no particular fave character or couple, but overall I'm interested in every SL going, and don't skip scenes, a 22 minutes of coffee break to relish, every day...which is what I hoped GH might be. GH could take some hcues.


Re Tracy's birthday in Sept... do you happen to remember when that was mentioned? My familiarity with pre-2003 clips is sketchy..

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British shows have much shorter seasons though-don't they? It's easier to be creative when you don't have to plot out even one third as many new episodes. I might check that show out. :) Thanks for the heads up.

Oh no, the Tracy birthday in September thing: I just remember way back in the day-pre 2003, like 89 I think- it being mentioned that she was a "Leo". I don't know what that falls under-isn't  it August/September? Anyway, that's the only other time I ever remember her birthday being mentioned before they decided it was in April. To be fair, no one else except King Sonny gets a reference about their birthday unless it's a plot point.

I think that Hayden spoiler is not until next week? Not sure.

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This year needs to be Sonny's last ever birthday. *grump* I hate Sonny, and all the worship of him by other characters.


OT - Emmerdale is a traditional daily type soap, on Mon-Fri (two eps on Thursday, which is odd, but nice). Without commercials, as it is on dailymotion.com (similar to Youtube), it's 22 minutes long, so not a huge time commitment. It's pace is a bit quicker than what we're used to with GH, SLs wrap up in a more reasonable time frame. If you do want to find it, put in a search like this: "Emmerdale 10th May 2016" to find each day's show. I'd be happy to answer questions about it, if I can--but I've only been watching for a few months.


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I don't think so, unfortunately...but I'll check. I know Hulu has others--Coronation Street, for one, but I don't watch it.


Re fan fiction - I need a bit of info, please, if anyone's so inclined. I wanted to toss in a detail or two in one of my next chapters about ELQ. Do we see much of it? What does the place look like? And as long as I'm asking, what about the Q mansion? What rooms are typically shown (I'm sure it's just one or two), and what do they look like? Tracy's room?? This isn't crucial, of course, but I'd like to be able to imagine the settings, a bit. Any little detail would help.


And this site is such a pain in the backside! I was trying to update my profile--actually put something there, and try to see if there's an option to have my email address visible, and I se no options for choosing any of that. Well, if it allows this, if anyone cares to get in touch off site, ever:

bluebonnet1988 gmail


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Aww. Another little one for Tracy to get attached to...for about half a minute (if the Avery situation is anything to judge by.)


Edward? She already named a child for him. That would be Ned, unless I'm mistaken. But perhaps Sabrina will see fit to call her son that, when she appears.

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I have been so enjoying the show this week. :) true north I can come back in a few days to answer your questions re: the mansion/the Qs.  May be Saturday, though.  Loved Tracy/baby, Tracy/Finn, and of course Tracy and her boys this week. I still think Tracy's scenes are way too short, though  !


So I guess they are really hinting hard that Tracy gave up a baby in her past. That's what one of the last scenes with the baby hinted at to me.

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It does seem like GH is going the long-lost child route (either that, or she's completely lost her mind). Both would be an awesome SL, but I'm not getting my hopes up. :( It appears that Jane hasn't taped since late April...


I think if Luke is really returning in a few weeks, Tracy will run off with him. I don't think Jane will be gone for good at that point, just 'cause we haven't heard anything about her leaving yet...


I wish Tracy/Finn would get as much as Carly/Finn. *sigh*

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Ooh, yes please, long lost child SL! Implausible, but who cares? LOL And as long as I'm delving into the realm of what's probably not likely from these writers, let it be Rachel, and she's Luke's child. That would make me happy forever. :) On the more realistic side, just an appearance by him would be a joyous occasion, as long as most of his scenes are with Tracy. I say Laura's far too busy to give him the time of day...or so I hope.

Yeah, I LOVED Thursday, with Ned and Dillon! More of that would be marvelous.

I watched Friday's show--I was ironing and needed something to help pass the time. More bickering over little Avery. When will it end? Clearly, Sonny and Ava are both unworthy and unfit, and Avery needs to be taken immediately into foster care...TracyCare. :) T can have a house full of impressionable kids to look after and advise.

re descriptions, thank you, MSQ. No rush; and I truly appreciate it!!


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I only have a minute, so may post again later, once I've given the whole thing more thought, but re what I said above about Rachel being Tracy's daughter... though that sort of SL would be entertaining in the short term, and I'd love Tracy to be the center of something big and dramatic, I don't think I really like the idea of it. Soaps thrive on such storylines, but Tracy's history isn't full of that sort of chaos and she isn't typical, in that way, and I'd hate them to destroy that, now, and give her a secret, given-away baby, at this stage. I like that both her children were born when she was married (if not happily so.)

Now, on the other hand, a previously unrevealed tryst with Luke, from some point in the distant past, that wouldn't disturb me at all. :) That's the bit that would make me happy. If GH can revise other pieces of his history, why not that? Without a resulting pregnancy for Tracy, that's a fanfic story I mean to write, sometime.


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