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Y&R: February 2024 Discussion Thread

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Hehe. You know me well. And thank you.

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I'm not down on Hayley Erin as much as most and we have gotten a well-deserved break from her so I look forward to see the next leg of her story. 

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Ashley needs help BADLY. Even the voices in her head don’t seem to understand what she’s doing. Does she actually want Tucker back? Does she have another revenge plan cooked up? I’m starting to think it’s pretty clear she made up meeting a friend in Paris who helped her out.

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Yes, @soapfan770, that was a good three days.

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Outside of when Ashley kicked Audra out of the Abbot house, Ashley was chewing her a$$ up and spitting it out. She was the definition of ice queen even when Audra called her crazy. I almost wish she had not called her a bitca, cuz it showed Audra got A dig in. Not even most digs, just A DIG. Ashley got so many digs in on her, I loved it. Her past. Her daddy (Hot for Teacher) issues. And if Ashley had used hot for teacher, I would have DIED. She was making me feel like she was Brenda Barrett on GH telling off any woman who got in the way of her and Sonny so GREAT JOB, ED. And then this episode where Audra was coming across desperate. STAY DESPERATE. 


But sadly...once Ashley heard the voices...le sigh. 


Meanwhile, I am LIVID...they are trying to tell the same story with Billy and Chance that they told (much better I might add) with Devon and Nate that lead to the IPO takeover. Right down to a MUSIC FESTIVAL. At least with the bare minimum, there was enough history between Devon and Nate to make the story POP because the writers ran with what was already there (though the writers tried to play it straight): the history of Neil as an excuse when it WAS REALLY ABOUT Nate being mad he lost his hand and Devon lost his girl to Nate. Right now, there's no reason for Billy and Chance to dislike each other. I did like Chance saw what Billy was trying to do with him. I mean is Chance going to get this version of Imani?


Speaking of, I missed the episode so let me ask...Amanda said her mother died. Did she mention Imani?


I kinda like Claire story as the C story to all of this. 


But yeah, I'm liking this week. 

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