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What Are You Listening To?

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The 40-Year Old Virgin: Funny at first, but becomes predictable towards the end.

I expected it to be better.

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The Family Stone: Hated.Every.Single.Minute. I was excited to see SJP in a new movie and the previews looked funny, I just don't know what to say...other than I disliked most of the characters in the movie.

King Kong: Loved King Kong! N. Watts was great, I liked her Ann Darrow much better than the '33 version. The special effects were great and you actually fell for King Kong at one point.

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American Pie Band Camp: Surprisingly good and it does have some funny gags. The actor looks very much like Sean William Scott.

If you liked the other three movies, chances are you'll like this one as well.

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It definitely did it's job...I've never been so affected by a movie before, but I walked out creeped the hell out and almost nauscious. WOW, I'm still getting over it....*takes a fresh breath of air*

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