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One Life to Live Masquerade ball - 1981

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Good evening,

  I know nobody has access to video of this extravagant event, but does anyone have any photos? I obsessed as to who was there, and what they came as.

Asa - Robert E. Lee

Lucinda - Lillian Russell

Bo - French Dandy

Ivan - The Executioner 

Samantha & Olympia - Titania

Wanda - Harpo Marx

Jenny - Theda Bera "The Vamp"

Brad - Rudolph Valentino "The Sheikh" 

Anna - The Can Can Girl

Clint - Count Dracula

Tony - The Gambler

Pat - Marie Antoinette

Dorian - Josephine

Herb - Napoleon

Sadie - The Statue of Liberty

Cassie - Dorothy Gale of "The WIzard of Oz"

Rafe - Romeo

Mimi - Jean Harlow 

Johnny - Daniel Boone

Tina - Spiderwoman

Others I suspect were there but not sure what their costumes were: Viki, Larry, Ina, Edwina, Chuck, Will, Katrina and Marcello.

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I know it's unfortunate that so many 60's/70's episodes of OLTL, don't exist anymore (or so we are told), but I've always been a little surprise we don't have at least more late 70's/80's episodes. I mean If GH can have almost entire playlists of 1980-1983 for example, you would think OLTL and AMC would too, but like Y&R even those are just scattered dates.

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Oh my God! Thank you! I love this - she must have gone as Catwoman then!

I did hear on a recent podcast that Judith Light's mother videotaped her entire time on "One Life to Live", and Judith said something to the effect of "We have to do something with those tapes"... I was like, PLEASE convert them and put them on YouTube! That whole time she was on Llanview was a real community, and everyone had a great story.

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Yes, I agree and for years I have been saying the same thing in regards to P&G soaps like As The World Turns. I once worked as a liaison to an archive for a performance art institution and I am still flabbergasted when I hear that any company neglects their archive. It’s time consuming sure, but so worthwhile.


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Remind me of the timeline.

Was the Masquerade Party when Olympia was revealed?  Or was this their engagement and Olympia was revealed at the wedding?  I was confused because in a scene released a few weeks ago I first saw that Asa and Samantha's wedding reception happened at LLanfair, with Dorian hosting, so I wondered how Olympia got over there?

Because I recall the wedding going on for weeks, and I recall that's when Bo found out that he wasn't Asa's son.

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Speaking of JL's family keeping archives, as we've noted before Ellen Holly has claimed to have a number of her key/early episodes via local affiliates - maybe as kinescopes, I'm not sure.

I'm willing to bet if they have some, a lot of other actors do, across many shows.

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Asa proposed to Samantha, and they had a June wedding circa 1981. All the while, Olympia was being kept prisoner in a mansion (I think in South Hampton) and was watched by Asa's nephew Rafe and Asa's right hand man Chuck. Somehow Olympia broke free and with a gun, she tried to enter the church Asa and Samantha were being married at, and shoot Asa at the alter. But Chuck and Rafe were on it and stopped Olympia and smuggled her out of the church back to South Hampton. I think in September/October Olympia burned down the South Hampton mansion she was being kept as part of her escape (after several other escape attempts went awry). Olympia hid out at Llanfair in the abandoned west wing. There, Olympia made friends with a black cat on the property; she also stole Dorian's handgun for protection. At Llanfair, Olympia was aware of certain goings on via spying on Dorian. So when Dorian received an invite to Asa and Sam's costume ball, Olympia planned to sabotage it. Olympia, managed to get a copy of Samantha's dress by calling the designer and telling them she was Samantha's maid and she had burned the original dress "ironing". By December, Olympia was ready with her revenge against the newlyweds Asa and Samantha, and planned to kill them both at the masquerade party - I think the party was thrown as more of a housewarming for the couple's new "Moorcliff" mansion (a neighboring estate of Llanfair). Olympia, at the ball, was revealed to Llanview society during the unmasking. Prior to the unmasking she had locked Samantha in a walk-in cooler, so she could take advantage of Samantha's "absence". After her reveal, Olympia told either Bo or Pat directly that Bo was not a Buchanan, but a son of ranch hand Yancy Ralston.  The only thing that played out during the party that I don't know how it effected the plans was the jewelry heist arranged by the four hired maids at the party (the maids who worked at the Sunrise Motel Cassie was staying at when she first came to town).

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