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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread


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If the soaps did not require actors to be vaccinated by now, I have my doubts they ever will. The soaps are written and produced for extremely conservative people. Most of them are proudly antivaxx. Hell, most TV shows are not requiring vaccination. If you are counting on the industry to move forward, you are in for a long wait.

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Yes, it's the NYT but that doesn't make this Op-ed any less insightful. Also, she assesses why the statements about the Provincetown cases should be scrutinized more closely than has been given the lack of data.


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This is so frustrating! After several weeks of low numbers the rate of new infections is rising sharply here. Last week's numbers saw an increase of 30% compared to to week before that. Foreign travels and crowded holiday destinations are probably accounting for a big part of that. People, and especially young people, don't seem to care about the recommendations concerning social distancing anymore. 76% of new infections last week were people born after 1980.

It feels like a carbon copy of last summer. Very low figures during July, and then the numbers begin to rise...

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8 hours ago, victoria foxton said:

Republican Politician Dies of COVID Complications Days After Mocking Virus

From the article:
In a statement, the Galveston County Republican Party called Apley's death "a tragedy" but did not mention that he died of COVID-19.



Sometimes I have to turn the news off.  I can literally feel my blood pressure rising.

I don't want COVID to indirectly kill me due to my anger over people's stupidity and selfishness.

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