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Best/Worst Network Promo Campaigns

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The "Love in the Afternoon" promo discussion in the DAYS thread got me thinking about my favorite and least favorite soap ads through the years.



Note:  I love those cheeky Santa Barbara promos about actors who left their prior shows but I couldn't find an example of one on YT


1.  Peggy's White Wedding (Eastenders) I watched the beginnings of Eastenders when it played on my local PBS station but dropped off until years later when I saw this promo



2.  Classic ABC promos (voiced by someone I thought was Ernie Anderson) still send chills down my spine



3.  Of course, the "love in the afternoon" theme song was great, but I adore this alternate score of "Hooray for Love"


Least Favorites


What the heck is the "Heat of the Day"?  And why would it be desirable?


Take your pick, is it the song? the dancing? the hair?  Or the sequenced dresses with white pantyhose?



Reply with your best and worst, but please no mentions of "Real Greenlee's."

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Ha! That discussion prompted me to look up a bunch of old promos this morning.


This is my favorite ABC daytime promo of all time featuring one of my favorite couples.



They DON'T EVEN TOUCH and it's sexier than well most everything else in daytime today. This whole campaign was great.


I didn't care about the show even a little bit but I loved when ABC had the budget to get a Madonna (?!) song for their bottom of the ratings soap opera.



And the Tainted Love promos were the first time I'd ever heard the song and I instantly loved it.



Does anyone remember which promo used this song?



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I hope none of the DAYS actors in that "It Will Excite You" promo suffered whiplash.


Here's a favorite of mine that really sells the hell out of CBSD's 1985 lineup, with a catchy pop song ("Some Like It Hot" by Power Station), combined with choice scene picks for each soap (Y&R, ATWT, CAPITOL and GL), for a tight, relentless package.



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No, it's definitely not that because I only heard the song in the early 2000s and I could swear it was part of a daytime campaign.


The only time NBC had decent promos was the campaign for Passions (which was not representative of the show AT ALL). These were sexy, glossy, high quality, the exact opposite of everything Passions represented.



How long did the Get It On campaign last for CBS? And the Everything is Everything campaign?  They're VERY similar.



Oh wow was this a real promo? It's horrible and cheap looking.



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I loved OLTL's "What in the name of Love?" promos in the mid-'90s.


This warmed my heart. I just wish it'd had a better outcome.





From my own YouTube channel, a trader sent me this years ago on a great tape she edited for me.



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