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Who will get Julie Chen's chair?

j swift

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A spurious article in the Daily News suggested that Rosie O'Donnell was being considered.  I think Rosie has already proven that panel shows are not her strength, and I doubt anyone in that arena wants to work with her.


So, if you were constrained to current CBS News or Cable News employees; who would you pick?


I like Margaret Brennan from Face the Nation and I think Katie Couric would do well with a panel, (although it might be a bit of a downgrade for her).  I saw Connie Chung on Andy Cohen's show recently and she doesn't seem to be quick enough for a multi-person discussion.  I also think Dana Bash would be good, and I would like to see her not have to work with her ex.


Let's preempt any responses based on not knowing any female network new talent, or age, because they are obviously going to choose a "name" from news who won't be too expensive and reads well from a prompter

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I don’t understand why producers would want a troublemaker and bully like Rosie on the show. They have solidified their place as the nicer, lighter alternative to The View, and Sharon fills the older, more combative role on the panel already. People don’t watch The Talk to see them getting into heated battles.

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