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When real life gets in the way

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I was reading the NY Times article on the WGA strike material from Ryan's Bar website


Claire Labine, co-creator of "Ryan's Hope" on ABC: "There was a story line involving an older woman and a younger man, and when we returned she had unaccountably murdered him. Someone else got pregnant by a young man - whom I had never met. It's a little as if you leave your children with a trusted sitter for the weekend and return to find them all juvenile delinquents and in jail."


Of course, this is referring to the murder of Michael Corbett's character Michael Pavel by Rae Woodard (I liked Michael and Kimberly more than Rae but, loved Rae's penthouse set).  It is amusing to think that the scab writers killed a character with long term potential.  I then read Mr Corbett's intro article for when he was hired on SFT and he mentions getting fired without notice from Ryan's Hope.  As I recall,  Rae unquestionably shot Michael and even if there was  a second fatal shot from a mob hitman one would think it still wouldn't have exonerated Rae from shooting him.  So, it is interesting to note that Labine's team may have had to craft how to get Rae freed of murder charges while the scab really wrote them into a corner.



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I don't think Labine and Mayer had to handle any of the Michael Pavel murder story. The strike writers moved the story quickly from the murder to Kim being impossibly ready to give after being pregnant for two minutes. By the time L&M were back, the show was gearing up for a custody case over baby Arley. 

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