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Can't help feeling a little emotional about this, for some reason. Her serious health decline in recent times is probably the biggest.



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''There is no aristocracy of grief. Grief is a great leveler. There is no high road out.'' ''Courage is a first step. But simply to bear the blow Bravely is not enough. It's a shield only permissible for a short time. '' ''In the end one has to discard shields and remain open and vulnerable otherwise, scare tissue will seal of the wound and no growth will follow. '' '' To grow, to be reborn, one must remain vulnerable...Open to love but also hideously open to the possibility of more suffering'' - Anne Morrow Lindergh-Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead-1973.

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A really great review of an extraordinary album by one of my favorite artists (seen in my profile avatar):



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Someone uploaded Points of View (BBC's viewer response show) episodes from last year, and this one has a segment on how inspired various viewers were after watching Bob Ross. It's touching to see his influence remains after all this time.



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14 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

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He'll find his way to you someday! 

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