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Got an "Attack Site" message

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The issue at hand has been rectified. We are waiting for Google to update their records to reflect this.

Read this website for the actual issue that also affected up to 100,000 other websites: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-blocks-thousands-wordpress-sites-following-malware-attack/122203/

or here for a more detailed breakdown of the issue


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My Safari browser is still reading that there is malware on the site. I hate that this site [out of all] was targeted. Ugh. I hate the Internet sometimes.

Yep still getting it with Firefox

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This has been an exhaustive day (much of yesterday as well). We've hired a company to handle this matter, in addition to our hosting technicians. They've all looked into the issue and have found that it was the Revolution Slider issue that has affected thousands of websites (particularly wordpress run sites). All we can do is wait for google to update their records to reflect our efforts on combating the issue at hand.

The following tests have been passed on multiple occasions:

Malware Downloads
Suspicious Iframes
Heuristic Viruses
Suspicious Code
Suspicious Connections
Suspicious Activity

All that is left is Google update:

Blacklist Checking

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