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GH: Levi's true colors.....

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Which is what he should have been years ago. The more Quartermaine the better.

Ron will botch it, of course, but the way to do the story is: Jason attempts to re-embrace his life with Sam and Danny but finds it all alien to him, along with his close friendships with Sonny and Carly. He cares for them but so much of their lives together feels rooted in deceit and crime. He bears incredible guilt over his actions as a hitman and with regards to Michael, A.J., etc.

Tormented by his two worlds, Jason makes a deal with Anna to turn state's evidence in return for giving up Sonny. The more legit end of the WSB offers him a counter-proposal - work for us in Port Charles, undercover, or go to Death Row.

Meanwhile, the whole time he is drifting away from his wife (who is leaning on Patrick) and closer and closer to Robin, his first love.

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