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SOD Sept 14 82 Comings and Goings

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Comings Deborah Goodrich (Silver Kane)

Dack Rambo (Steve Jacobi)

Goings Michael Minor (Brandon Kingsley)


Comings Stephen Schnetzer (Cass Winthrop)

Goings James Horan (Denny Hobson)

Ed Powers (Harry Shea)


Comings Mary Lynn Blanks (Annie Stewart)

Robert Burton (Brian McColl)

Kathleen Rowe McCallen (Bilan Marlowe)

Meg Ryan (Betsy Stewart)

Goings Julie Ridley (Annie Stewart)

Lisa Denton (Betsy Stewart)

Jacquie Schultz (Dee Stewart)


Comings Shawn Stevens (Oliver Jenson)

Leann Hunley (Anna Brady

Martha Smith (Sandy Horton)


Comings Jean LeClerc (Jean Marc Gautier)

Mark Goddard (Paul Reed)

Nancy Stafford (Adrienne Hunt)

Goings Kim Zimmer (Nola Aldrich)

Lori Nan Engler (Greta Powers)

Maia Danzinger (Katy Whitney)

Jeannie Costigan (LeeAnn Aldrich)


Comings David Froman (Gunther Wagner)

Goings Allen Fawcett (Kelly McGrath)

Alfred Drake (Dwight Endicott)

Ellen Tobie (Grace Endicott)


Comings Emma Samms (Holly Sutton)


Goings Jane Elliot (Carrie Marler)


Comings Matthew Ashford (Drew Ralston)

Peter Coleman (Kyle Dickinson)

Jeff Fahey (Gary Corelli)

Goings Steve Schnetzer Marcello Salta


Comings James Sloyan (Mitch Bronski)

Robert Brown (David Newman)

Mary Keller (Amanda Kirkland)


Comings Michael Corbett(Warren Carter)

Keith Augustine (Keith McNeil)


Comings Claire Timoney (Christine)

Goings Elizabeth Berridge (Allison Linden)

Clifton James (Striker Bellman)

Phillip Clark (Ryan Connor)


Comings Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott)

Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott)

Kathryn Merrill (Carol Brown)

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From the comings, it looks like this is around the time that RH was becoming Kirkland's Hope. So funny, I thought that "transition" happened in 1981. Same thing with fake Silver Kane joining AMC...thought that was a year earlier. I didn't realize Kimmer stayed with The Doctors so close to its cancellation. Anyone know why Phillip Clark left Texas? Was he fired? Ryan and Ginny were one of its most popular and appealing couples, but Pam Long didn't seem to have an interest in the characters once she took over as HW.

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I think Clark left because his contract was up. Long didn't write out Ryan. She didn't assume head writing duties until around September and Ryan was killed off in the summer. That said, she didn't seem interested in writing for Ginny.

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it's interesting to see those old SOD comings/goings and see people listed that would develop into long term characters/daytime actors. I remember seeing a 1979 Digest a while back that listed Melody Thomas as coming to Y&R. Now it's 35 years later and she's still there.

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