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The BEST thing about the current soaps

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Most of the soaps are pretty bad right now, but there are some good things about all of them.


- Jordan Ashford. While not being shoved down our throats, Jordan has made a big impact on GH since she arrived. At first, I thought she was going to be the black version of Ava, but she turned out to be a successful agent. Her and Shawn are great together and have the potential to be a great couple!

- Carson and Samtrick. Spoilers are going around that these couples are hooking up and I'm soooo ready for it. I want a silas / sam / patrick triangle. Patrick and Silas already hate each other because of rafe, too.

- Less use of Kiki and Franco. Kiki and Michael are barley even on together and Kiki has no storyline of her own. Franco is just there and doesnt have any purpose on the show.

- Josslyn Jacks. Love that little bitch.


I haven't really watched Y&R since April, but tune in now and then.

- No idea what there storyline is, but Summer and Austin look very hot together and would make good babies. Lol.

- Phyllis is back played by the fabulous Gina Tognoni.

- Sharon and Nick are reunited.


- There is finally action on this show. Quinn has gone crazy and apparently tried to kill Liam.

- Deacon is back!


- Marlena and Roman foreshadowing <3 No John and Marlena!

- Sami is back to being a bitch.

- Ciara Brady, an example of how kids should be on soaps.

- Kassie DePavia is back on soaps as Eve, and hates Jennifer.

- The slow-paced romance of Aiden and Hope.

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B&B: Quinn and Deacon. But I really am entertained by everything on this show!

Y&R: Neil/Devon and Hillary is also the only thing I dont fast forward often.

Days: Everything not involving Daniel...so just the Sami/EJ/Abby climax

GH: That I am not watching

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I'm not really gushing over it, but I guess Neil/Hilary/Devon is Y&R's strong point, though I admit I'm starting to like the Austin/Summer thing.

I've been enjoying most of B&B these days, Crazy Quinn, Caroline, Deacon, and the whole Ridge's memory thing.

I never find the time to watch Days and GH unfortunately though I want to check them when I can (mostly Days)

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DAYS ... everything minus Daniel.

B&B ... Quinn, Caroline, and Deacon. Couldn't give a rats behind about Ridge.

GH ... Jordan. That about sums that up. I love seeing her on my screen.

Y&R ... um ... hmm. I actually like Austin (and his looks don't hurt, either), I agree with that. Summer ... meh. Am I the only one who thinks Hunter is a tad bit overrated? The younger set are honestly extremely wasted. Neil/Hillary/Devon is probably the brightest spot. And anytime Jill is on my screen (I wish Tristan Rogers would leave. His character is pointless IMO. And I love me some Tristan Rogers). This show feels extremely aimless and comparing it to the last few years of ATWT is a good comparison. Really nothing going on and it feels like the show is just going through the motions.

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