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Michael Saucedo returns to GH as Juan Santiago

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One does not have to do with the other. I'd be very surprised if Juan is back for more than just a few episodes.

I also very much disagree that bringing Juan in is "random" or "unnecessary" ... Random would be bringing back someone like Gina Cates, or undoing the death of Emily's friend Matt who died from a drug overdose from Dr. Dorman. Those would be actual WTF, out of nowhere, things.

If they are going to make Carlos related to Lily as well as connected to Sabrina, they would be missing a key story beat not to include Juan, as he is both Sabrina's adopted cousin and Lily's biological son. This doesn't mean the focus would be on Juan or that Juan would stick around.

I think some people are letting dislike for an actor cloud their judgment of whether it makes sense to include a character in a story.

I do agree I hope they don't do undo Lily's death. But I don't think they will undo that.

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While Gina Cates would indeed be random, I was always bummed they didn't make that character work in the late 90s when Stone and Jagger's impact on the canvas still lingered more heavily. Gina coming back as a doctor or nurse years later could have worked too just as much as some of the other random hospital characters they tried to create since there was (IIRC) always some tension/awkwardness between her & Robin. (Leyla etc.).

I actually really do think they just may undo Lily's death. And while Juan is a logical choice for that, I would rather do without any Rivera revisit whatsoever- Carlos, Lily & Juan can all stay away/go.

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