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John Conboy at GL?

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Wasn't that Rauch?

I remember the show was very darkly lit during Conboy's era.

I remember thinking Conboy was trying to recreate The Edge of Night with all the crimes sprees and murder mysteries, but failing.

I must admit, I *do* like a little style, but the substance was sorely lacking. But I think I'd have to choose his short-lived era versus the Main Street/Beacon Hotel time period, because there was still more focus on longterm characters with their original faces (instead of Recast A.C. Mallet, Marina, Alan-Michael, etc.).

BUT... I'm glad his reign ended when it did, because after the Maryanne Carruthers debacle, history was clearly something that the powers-that-be had NO interest in respecting.

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It was Very Clear that Conboy and his headhack Ellen Weston Did not know the history of GL.

1- The Maryanne Caruthers Nightmare was one of the worst stories In GL'S history.

Conboy/Weston had Alan/ED/Billy/Josh/Buzz all knowing each other when they were young men

in Springfield. Which any longtime GL fan knows was not possible. As a young man, ED and the Bauer's

were still living in Selby Flats, California. Alan didn't move to Springfield until 1977 and was already a

grown man. Buzz was missing in Vietnam. Billy/Josh were still in tulsa. Carrie Caruthers blamed them for

the death of her niece Maryanne, who she killed. The Story Made No sense. Having watched GL everyday

from 1979-2009, its the only time I called The Studio to Complain.

2- Before Conboy/Weston Arrived, GL had a great Story involving Reva & her Stalker. Millee Taggart &

Carolyn Culliton Started The Story, then Weston arrived and Killed the Story. She had Alexandra behind

the stalking,and one of her Hired help was doing the Stalking. What a letdown. Weston also had Alexandra

drug Brother Alan. The real Alexandra would not had done any of these things.

3-Conboy Wrote out Holly(Maureen Garrett),decreased Ross & Blake airtime etc. Then brought on new

young characters that no one cared about, Nico, Joey Lupo, Jeffrey O'neil. All the airtime given

to Eden August was hard to watch.

4- Another Rotten Story was, Ben Reade turns out to be a serial Killer, because he was sexually

abused by a female teacher, while he was away at prep school. Awful. Poor actor Matt Bomer(Ben).

What he must think about his time on GL.

5- Reva developes ESP & becomes Physic. OH my god...

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Oh, no doubt it was pure torture to watch. I'd probably like Conboy GL better now. Everything written above by silascrocker just cements how much I hated that period, though. It's just, I started watching it again after Conboy was gone and I somehow stuck with it. Don't ask me how.

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I never watched his others shows but after watching his GL I can't figure out how Conboy is credited with doing even "glamour," well. Remember Marah's fashing show, which was stuck in the 80's with day glo colors and having the ever elegant Alex, dressed like a rag doll and loving it? Or the dance "Gay Rave," they did where the drugs did some of the kids in? It made the club parts of QAF look classy and up to date. Of course his terrible casting decisions, after they fired and wrote off Gus' sister he had her written back in..Queeny Shane twittering it up all over the sets, and his worst crime of humanity....bringing back Brad Cole who we were stuck with until the end!

And what kind of producer spends that much money on a baseball diamond set? Just go out to a park and film you dimbulb.

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