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What do you like to sleep on?


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As far as pillows, sheets, mattresses, etc. What have you found makes you feel the best in the morning?

I have satin sheets and pillowcases under me, then I like to do a simple chenille bedspread on top, I like the combination of the slickness of the satin and the old fashioned softness of chenille. I've never liked quilts or comforters, I find them far too bulky, and I like to sleep with my feet exposed, so the regular chenille makes that easier. I also find that I have a hard time with ANY pillow except down. Cheap polyfil puts up too much resistance. As a child I slept on pillows made of chicken feathers, but then again, chicken feathers of the 70's were far better quality than what you buy today. I go for white, one of the few things I like white... but with sheets and towels, I like to SEE when they are dirty.

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My (ex)-girlfriend....lol. Sorry. Thought you said "sleep with." :P

But seriously, I have to be completely under the covers with just my head sticking out. I couldn't stand my feet sticking out under the cover. And I have to sleep with my head on at least two pillows and I typically have to fall alseep on my side (either left or white) and I usually wake up on my back. Can't stand sleeping on my stomach. And I like to sleep with a nice blanket and comforter.....nothing fancy, I'm not picky. I just like to feel good, snug, and warm under the covers...

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