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GH: Actor Departing

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Don't shoot the blogger. Multiple sources are telling me that General Hospital leading man Steve Burton is thisclose to leaving the ABC sudser. Burton began playing the role of Alan Quartermaine's (Stuart Damon) illegitimate son Jason in 1991.

In 1995, a car accident caused by his half brother AJ (Sean Kanan) left Jason brain damaged. This led to the character all but cutting ties with the ritzy, dysfunctional Q's and embarking on a life of mob-fueled crime as the wildly popular hitman Jason Morgan.

"Steve and ABC have been negotiating for quite some time and it doesn't look like he's going to stay," says one mole. " It's also no secret he's been talking about taking his family and moving back to Tennessee."

Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops!

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Hasn't he been threatening this for years now? I'll believe it when I see it.

Exactly. A few years ago he was also thisclose to quitting. Until there's actual confirmation with a dated exit, this means absolutely nothing.

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    • It looks like John Hess was headwriter until July, 1969 after having the role since March, 1967.  I believe Barbara Roddell also assumed the role of Jill Stevens in June or July of the same year almost immediately after departing "Another World."
    • Awww...they been holding strong this week so I'm sorry to hear that.   Omg! Sprina is Sprina. And Vanna...lol...I still cannot believe how well that turned out given the year before I was a strong person against that pairing. But they redeemed Val so well that it made sense a year later. 
    • I think it is perfectly usual for any soap fan of any age to have any characters or couples they like as part of their fandom. And, it is certainly acceptable to be interested in Doug & Julie and Challie and any age in between. Me & DOOL I am high on Doug & Julie, Challie, Steve & Kayla, John & Marlena, Cady McClain as Jennifer Rose, Abe & Paulina, Chad, even more. Of course, I think it is particularly usual & definitely acceptable for a lesbian to be into Challie, regardless of age! I would never think of chastising someone for who they were fans of. That's as bad as calling names. Who set you up as judge & jury of who someone can be fans of? I must've missed that memo. Topically speaking I'm a fan of about 90% of Salem & not a fan of about 4 characters. 
    • Wow, Alycia Parks wins her first title in Lyon, taking out the hometown favorite Caroline Garcia.
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