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GH/OLTL: The Mannings

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nothing thats been written since she showed up on GH supports this. The show isnt portraying her as not caring about them. Naturally it would be difficult to write around these kids considering they arent on the show but Tea has mentioned Dani and spoken to her on the phone. If she does stick around, it will be easy to write Danielle off as being in college as she should be graduating HS now.

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No, see, this is how it's all going down:

* Michael hooks up with Kristina; Jack arrives in Port Charles.

* Jack and Kristina have a one-night stand; Michael finds out, dumps Kristina, and ends up with Molly.

* Kristina learns she's pregnant; Molly learns she's pregnant.

* Molly learns her and Michael's baby is dead (but carries it to term in order to hold onto Michael); Kristina goes into premature labor with her and Jack's baby.

* Jack and Kristina give birth to a baby boy; Molly induces labor on herself, giving birth to a stillborn baby.

* Molly switches the babies; Jack and Kristina are told theirs died.

* Jack and Kristina grow even closer in the wake of "their" baby's death; Molly constantly rubs her happiness in her sister's face.

* Michael reaches out to Kristina and they reconcile; Jack gets pissed off.

* Sam learns her sister (Molly) has switched the babies; Molly uses blackmail, threatening to reveal to Jason that Sam and John had sex when she thought Jason was killed in a mob shootout, in order to keep Sam quiet.

* Todd learns the truth; Todd irrationally believes Sonny was in on it.

* Jack and Kristina are reunited with their child; Michael calls Molly a "dirty whore" and orders her out of his life.

* Todd swears vengeance against Sonny; Molly tells Jason that Sam and John have slept together.

* Todd goes gunning for Sonny; Jason goes gunning for John.

* Kristina fears Michael, who has gone to warn Sonny, will get hurt; Kristina heads for the docks to stop him.

* Shots ring out at the docks; Jason and Kristina are killed. (No one tells Monica her stepson has been killed.)

* Todd realizes he was the one who killed Kristina; Todd frames Sonny.

* Alexis and Sam grieve for five minutes; Sam develops amnesia and believes she is a con artist again.

* Alexis goes postal and guns down Sonny for "murdering" their daughter; Sam takes off to Atlantic City and reconnects with her former partner-in-crime, who is (surprise! surprise!) Jared Banks.

* Michael decides he wants to raise Kristina's baby (even though it ain't his); Jack stares blankly and yells, "Like hell, he will!"

* Jack asks Molly to marry him in order to prove to the court he can raise his own child; Todd hates the idea.

* Sam returns to Llan-- excuse me, Port Charles with Jared; Jared runs into Natalie, who has moved to PC in order for her and Liam to be closer to John.

* Todd tries to stop Jack and Molly from marrying; Todd can't.

* Jack and Molly succeed in keeping his baby; Michael leaves Port Charles to start fresh. (No, wait, this is Ron Carlivati we're talking about. Michael loses control when he loses the baby, tries to leave town with it; Jack pushes him off the hospital roof to his death; Carly grieves for five minutes and swears vengeance; Carly is never seen again.)

* Alexis and Todd hate the thought of Jack and Molly being married; Alexis and Todd get drunk and have sex.

* Molly learns she cannot have any more kids; Jack tells Molly he loves her anyway.

* Alexis learns Todd framed Sonny for Kristina's murder; Todd punches Alexis out cold, then tells her he loves her.

* Sam gets her memory back and reunites with John; Natalie realizes she still loves Jared and leaves John.

* Sam learns she's pregnant; Natalie learns she's pregnant.

* ABC cancels GH; Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are named the new Co-EP & HW at DAYS; Ken Corday announces the "exciting news" that Michael Easton, Roger Howarth, Nancy Lee Grahn, Kelly Monaco, and whoever's playing Jared and Nat at that point all will join DAYS in an "exciting story" with "tons of twists and turns" that will "ensure our show's continued success for generations to come."

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The only younger characters on OLTL that were good actors were Markko and Langston.

Jack, Dani, Nate, James, Deanna, Starr, Cole *insert puke emoticon*

And where the hell is TJ? I liked him and Molly. I thought they would be the reverse of Destiny and Matthew to RC :lol:

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John (and Tea I believe) will be taking a short break and when they return their scenes will be set in Llanview. There were reports they're building new sets to double for Llanview for those scenes. I'm assuming this is when we'll see Tea, John and Blair with the kids.

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I feel like cheering right now. Nope I think I'll smash my head against the wall. Jack? I want a Victor and Tea reunion not the little turd. He's only done one good thing and that was killing Stacy. Dani coming makes sense but not Jack. Maybe he'll do something useful like finding Hope alive along with Victor being held in some cabin in the woods. I'd much rather see Sam who is adorable and isn't painful to watch like Jack is.

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