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  1. Cupcakes seem to be stalking me.

  2. Holy crap how did I end up watching seven soaps?

    1. alexisfan07


      I'll be the one to say it: there are only four left LOL

    2. Mr. Vixen

      Mr. Vixen

      They probably meant foreign soaps too.

    3. alexisfan07


      I know, I was just being a smartass :)

  3. Uh oh there I go again. Added a new series to my website .

  4. Added another series to my site called Bites. http://www.ficgal.com

  5. I'm being driven insane by this computer.

  6. I think NBC is plotting to drive me insane. Can't get enough of EJ? Uh he's on pretty much every day.

  7. Almost time for Pretty Little Liars. I've managed to stay unspoiled. Yay me.

  8. Almost time for Pretty Little Liars. I've managed to stay unspoiled. Yay me.

  9. I've been watching this for a few months now. The girl that plays Brooke was on an episode of Xena in season four.
  10. I was stunned when I actually heard a good song played on this soap. The music tends to suck. The McQueens are always fun.
  11. After all those years of watching a single character drives me away. I just can't watch Days anymore. That blinking drives me insane. He drives me insane.

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    2. dragonflies


      I figured it was EJ, JS did the same thing on AMC

    3. frequentsoapfan


      It was that damn Hernandez family and Sami that killed my passion for DAYS.

    4. Eric83


      LMAO at the blinking. It is annoying,

  12. How crazy that today I was inspired by a lampshade.

  13. New episode of Nights Of Our Lives will be out on Monday. Catch up on 1-15. http://www.ficgal.com

  14. Silas is creepy. Oh my god Maddie might actually be human.
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