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CBS Fall 2012 Schedule

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CBS Fall 2012 Schedule - Will be announced on May 16, 2012


8pm: The Amazing Race

9pm: The Good Wife

10pm: The Mentalist


8pm: How I Met Your Mother

8:30pm: Partners

9pm: 2 Broke Girls

9:30pm: Mike & Molly

10pm: Hawaii Five-O


8pm: NCIS

9pm: NCIS: Los Angeles

10pm: Vegas


8pm: Survivor

9pm: Criminal Minds

10pm: CSI


8pm: The Big Bang Theory

8:30pm: Two and a Half Men

9pm: Person of Interest

10pm: Elementary


8pm: CSI: NY

9pm: Made In Jersey

10pm: Blue Bloods

Picked up shows so far:

Partners (Comedy)

Friend Me (Comedy)

Elementary (Drama)

Vegas (Drama)

Made In Jersey (Drama)

Golden Boy (Drama)

Renewed shows so far:

Blue Bloods

The Good Wife

The Mentalist

Hawaii Five-O


NCIS: Los Angeles


Person Of Interest

Criminal Minds

Mike & Molly

How I Met Your Mother

2 Broke Girls

Big Bang Theory

Two and a Half Men


Cancelled shows so far:

How To Be A Gentleman

A Gifted Man


NYC 22

CSI Miami


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Yeah, CBS isn't the most watched, most stable network for nothing. The CBS execs know how to build a schedule and pick shows people want to watch. I'm most interested in if they expand their Thursday Comedy block to 2 hours.

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Glad Partners got picked, looking forward to that comedy the most. With only 2 comedy pickups, I'm guessing no comedy expansion?

Also looking forward to Vegas since I'd like to see Westerns make a come back and this is close to being a western.

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Canceled: Unforgettable, NYC 22, CSI Miami, Rob

Renewed: CSI: NY

Sometime it sucks to be on CBS. Unforgettable usually gets 10+ million viewers, though their demos were high 1's/low 2's.

And no CSI Miami finale after 10 years? That's kinda disrepectful.

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Yeah, only CBS can cancel a show with 10+ million viewers and if I was a CSI: Miami fan, I'd be pissed.

Yep. As much as I dislike Caruso and therefore can't watch the show, I would definitely be pissed if they just canceled the show after 10 years without even letting the producers know that it is its last.

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