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Who is Your Celebrity Crush?

Mr. Vixen

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Jesus Christ, SoapBoy, I could be here all year.

My biggest crush at the moment has to be Freddie Smith (Jackson 'Sonny' Steven Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives). He is my favourite younger actor (and even one of my all time favourite actors) Days of our Lives has ever had. I really liked him on 90210 as well. He carries himself so well and comes off like just the type of guy I'd want to hag out with. It's a giddy fangay love.


Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries)

Being a classic film buff, it's only natural I'd feel an affinity towards a legacy actor's grandson. LoL


Josh Hutcherson - Film Actor

Who knew some Disney kid would be so damn talented? 2012 looks to be his year, and I'm quite pleased with that fact. The Hunger Games alone is going to be awesome. And it might just be me, but does anyone else think he kind of resembles beautiful DILF, Michael Park (Jack Snyder, As the Word Turns)?


And choosing a man probably no one on this board even knows.

Xavier Dolan - Quebec actor, writer, director and producer. The same age, I am tremendously infatuated with a man who has already accomplished so much in the Canadian film industry. He's easily working his way to becoming a living legend. I highly encourage everyone to check out his films, J'ai tu ma mere (I Killed My Mother) - an almost autobiographical telling of his complicated relationship with his own mother - and Les Amours imaginaires (Heartbeats) - a story of two friends who fall in love with same man (FYI: They're in French, so subtitles will be necessary if you don't speak the language.) His movies are of the artistic variety and nothing like Hollywood is even close to being used to seeing. Hence why the Quebec film industry is so superior in many respects. His third and latest film, Laurence Anyways - tells the story of an impossible love between a man and a woman after the man decides to have a sex change - is due to be released in the new year.


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Kelly's Manchester, NH date is Jan. 24th. I am praying there is no nor'easter because it is a 4 hour drive for me! (I'm hoping for a Portland date in the fall) whistling.jpg The previous post should have said 3rd Row tix...this will be 2nd time seeing her. Love the new album, so i can not wait.

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