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B&B: November Sweeps Preview


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Thorne & Taylor have the potential to take over Forrester Creations. Will Taylor turn against Ridge?

Will Steffy & Hope's ongoing feud over Liam eventually come between super couple Ridge & Brooke? Brooke is determined to prove that Steffy manipulated Liam, but her search for proof could cause a rift in her own realtionship.

Liam sees that Steffy has brought romance to his life, but he is madly in love with Hope. What will happen to his marriage to Steffy once he learns what happened in Aspen? Will he honor his commitment to Steffy, or give in to his love for Hope?

Veteran's Day sets the stage for a new romance for Hope. Thomas reaches out to Hope as she tries to rebuild her life. Brother and sister find themselves with a mutual interest, but Thomas is sincere with his feelings. Could he heal Hope's broken heart?

Katie isn't thrilled to have Steffy in her family, so look out for fireworks as Dollar Bill's wife faces off with her daughter-in-law from hell. Who will Bill support? And how big will the fallout be if Katie finds out about Bill's part in getting Steffy and Liam together?

Eric & Stephanie's intimacy issues become a serious family matter. Eric tries to be patient, but his unmet desires for affection could become explosive for Ridge and the Forrester family.

Amber longs for romance. Will baby Rosey draw Marcus to her, or will Marcus act on his growing feelings for Dayzee? Amber also reconnects with Rick, but will they rekindle their romance? And if she's not with Marcus or Rick, will Amber find love with someone new?

Jackie enlists Nick in a comically evil scheme with Pam to save Jackie M. But Pam has her own agenda.

Donna seeks a new direction, and that could bring her back into conflict with a zany arch-rival.


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