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AMC Wednesday June 29, 2011

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What was the point of Ryan's gun? Thankfully it meant nothing, but really, what was the point?

LOL at Greenlee: "Oh, I'll hold on to something... all day long" Whore! :lol:

That shirt is doing Griffin NO favors. He's looking baaaaad.

LOVED the Tad/Dixie wedding flashbacks!!! Just not sure about Tad/Cara falling harder... ugh! I hope he is able to dump Cara when Dixie comes back.

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Cara/Griffin flashback montage.

Oh, but I thought all of this was to no longer exist after Friday?

It's not nearly as bad as it would have been with K&S, They'd have showed clips of Cara thinking about about Griffin and people saying "HE SAVES LIVES!!!!!!!" ;) It makes sense Cara would flashback about her brother who's leaving. As much as I hate to say it does make sense for where these character's are at this point in time.

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