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OLTL: Discussion for the week of March 21

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I thought that was Charlie singing over the baby monitor. :ph34r:

Echo, who the hell answers middle of the night pounding on the door of their fleabag motel room without so much as looking out the peephole?

Speaking of fleabag motel rooms, so how did Cutter afford the BMW? Keeping up appearances I suppose.

Tess, how should Cutter know your personal medical history?

Rama continues to be a brightspot.

I guess they're kind of playing fast and loose with ages here, Kelly/Aubrey/Rama.

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Rama and Cris :wub: If Vimal doesnt come back, I could go for them

Love Viki saying Dorian is being a great friend and she wouldnt know what she would do without her. Who would have thought that of all people Dorian would be the one having her back

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