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Missed Couple Opportunities

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In 1998 or 1999, Days kept putting Eric Brady (Jensen Ackles) and Billie Reed (Krista Allen) in scenes and little bits together. They had a surprisingly nice chemistry, and it was such a relief to get Billie away from Bo and Hope. I really think that if they had pursued that more seriously, it could have given the Billie character more of a long-term purpose on the show, rather than someone who would just be brought back (twice!) to screw with Bope and then dangle around.

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I remember that, it was in early 1999 when Sami and Austin were on the run.

GL's Danny and Cassie (damn those rabid Mannyacs and their voodoo dolls)

DAYS' Austin & Nicole (before he left in 2002)

DAYS' Hope and Jack (Mark Valley's version; I know, random, but they worked well together)

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    • All of NYC and much of the Northeast look like they’re under a sepia filter right now due to poor air quality (the result of smoke from wildfires in Canada). People are recommended to stay indoors:  
    • I'm curious too. I really enjoyed it, I thought the actress was great and so warm even being limited to only "eye" acting. And while not the best written scene it did attempt to dig into the psychological and push and pull of Willow's conflict accepting someone she doesn't like in Nina as her mother and also accepting that the woman who raised her was neither a good mother or a good person.  JorBot can't kiss to save her life. Watching Zeke and Jordan passionlessly smash faces at each other wasn't the sweltering button to end yesterday's show on that they might have thought it was.
    • I’ll miss the little zooms with the whoosh when the housewives appear with their names, but at least they kept the gate.  
    • I swear, of all the vicious horrible words That comes out of Victors mouth, I can’t get over him calling his security guard a “loser” for getting drugged and locked in a closet, and also fired no less…nice Vic..real nice

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