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AMC: Monday, 11/15

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Annie is looking great - also love JR's new office. Good scenes so far.

Asher and Caleb seem to have calmed down a bit with each other.

Zach/Rylee - gag me. Ready for it to all be over.

Hopefully with this Bianca/Kendall sister bonding time, we'll get an update on Reese...?

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I think it was supposed to come across as sweet but it did sound a bit desperate and pathetic. My mom and my big sister are my soulmates. Ugh, try again Binks!

I know Im not the only one thats hoping the cave will cave in on Rylee. If it doesnt kill them, then let it trap them in there till they starve to death bc lord knows Zach aint telling anyone where they are

Can Annie accidentaly "push" Colby through the window?


Colby: "Stay out of my business" Bitch, stay out of hers! I love how Annie completely owned her in that scene.

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omg, they look so gay together! Too bad they are cousins and AMC would never go there. Oh wait, these are the writers from GL....lol



JR: "Im going to take care of him.....Im taking him to the mansion, where he belongs"

Too much unintentional chemistry

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