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AMC - Tuesday 11/2/10

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Yes, Krystal is STILL wearing her costume. I know its the same night, but Im sick of looking at it


BoringGrandma says that JR set her up by getting her out of the mansion so he could kidnap her son. Um didnt she get a call from KWAK who needed help at the restaurant bc it was busy?


Asher rolls down the stairs for literally like 10 seconds


Jake was dressed up as what he always wanted to be...a princess. He's badmouthing Annie and asked if she went dressed as a witch or Medusa. I hope she chokes on that fry


Finally reunited. Im giving BoringGrandma 5 minutes to come on over and ruin it with her ranting and nastiness. Annie's there so Im sure she'll be slinging some mud at her too


Annie, what the heck are you doing? She just threw herself under the bus for JR by confessing that she took AJ

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I love how JR threw the appeals decision in Melissa's face. She is so out of line, trying to take AJ from JR. I blame JR completely. WTH was he thinking letting Melissa adopt AJ? As usual, JR is paying the price for not listening to Adam.

Annie calling herself by her multiple last names was hysterical.

Erica is annoying flitting around Caleb. Doesn't she have anything better to do?

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Look at how happy AJ is with JR


And look at how down his face turns when he sees her


Marissa: "Dont make this any uglier than you already have"


JR gives the cop a court order which gives him temp custody of AJ


JR: "Dont make this any uglier than you already have"


Bitch dont know what just hit her. HAHA, Love it! Best moment of the episode


BFFs are together and actually under happier circumstances. I love them


Who wore it better, Jake or Annie? Gotta give it to Annie

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