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In the second pic Flannery looks like a cross between Abby Dalton and Donna Mills!

Do posters think Mac Carey deserved a best actor award?

Well, the only other nominees that year were Bill Hayes & John Beradino. I'm not sure what John Beradino's story was for the pertinent time period, although I think I was watching GH then. At the time, I wanted Bill Hayes to win. The nominations would have been for the stories in 1974, so that was when Doug was dealing with Addie's leukemia, Hope's birth,& his depression after Addie was killed. I think Bill did an excellent job in his portrayal of Doug that year, especially since Doug had been so devil-may-care previously. But, I do think Mac was a good actor & he was involved in the same story. Here is a scene of him and Frances Reid, in a flashback episode, shortly after Addie's death.

<iframe width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/wDSoUCvbahM?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Do posters think Mac Carey deserved a best actor award?

I've never found anything wrong with Carey's acting and he never gave up. I've seen the Thanksgiving 1990 episode when Alice and Jennifer were trapped at the Alamain villa in Spain and Carey went above and beyond just the role of central patriarch to turn out a solid, moving performance over his grief of family being missing and in danger.

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saynotoursoap very kindly uploaded almost 30 minutes of moments from January and February 1979. This is the first time I've ever seen Margo Horton, and it's one of the earliest glimpses available of Chris Koshiteck. I always liked Josh Taylor until the...changes of recent years, and this clip reminded me of why. He has such a rugged, soulful quality to his work, very understated. Speaking of understated, Susan Seaforth gives a lovely performance in the scene where she tells Neil that Rebecca and her baby are dead.

I wonder why the show never wrote in a baby for Doug and Julie. That might have provided some interesting story, instead of all the histrionic twists they seemed to take not long after this (this wasn't very long before the scar story was it?).

I know this has been discussed before but when did Doug and Julie find out that Dougie was Doug's son?

These clips also have some beautiful singing from Patty Weaver, and a quick glimpse of David and Scotty. All these characters are still viable if DAYS would remember them. I know Patty Weaver has retired but she could possibly do a few episodes.

Was this when Margo was dying?

How long exactly after this did all the high-profile exits (like Laura) begin?



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How was Stephen Schnetzer in the role of Steven Olson? Why has the show never brought the character back, especially being Hope's brother? Same goes for her other brother Douglas. What about Tammy Taylor as Hope, the teenage/young adult actress playing her before Alfonso?

It saddens me there's a whole slew of Hortons (Steven, David, Scott, Sandy for starters) that were used incorrectly and then discarded and forgotten about except in the ornaments on the Horton tree.

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Looking at 1979,almost every member of the Hortons was onscreen at the time.Then the decimation began,Between 80 and 85,they all went.By that time,only Tom,Alice,Mickey,Melissa and Hope remained.

That definitely changed the theme of the show,along with the swiych to supercouples and adventure.

It was deliberate and in a way understandable as the original children were in their 40's and SORASING meant that David and Mike were already veteran characters,

I think the show should have been a little more kind to the Hortons.Sandy was a character with potential but her introduction was half hearted.If Tom Jr had have been around to usher her in,maybe the character would have been more successful.

Steve was another one,but Schnetzer was miscast.

I still think that the stories given to David in the 70's could have gone to Steven,with Guthrie in the role.Julie could have functioned as worried big sis rather than mother,leavind David younger.

Sandy could have been Marlena and one of the biggest characters/stars of the show would have been part of the core family.

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