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Bill was reintroduced as played by Christopher Stone, Pat Falken Smith was a consultant around that time and Janice,Mickey and Maggie's one time 'ward' was also re-introduced (which I attribute to Smith).There was an interview with Smith in Daytime TV,I think,but that is the only time I have seen mention of Smith's involvement at that time.. Even Jason 47's Days page doesn't mention Smith back at DOOL .

Maybe someone else can help out on this one.

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There was actually a bit of revival in interest in Days between 1996 and 2000(which roughly correspond to the Reily era in Australia) and the possession story got a bit of press when it aired over there in 1998. It's after 2000 (with the Princess Gina saga) that the problems truly began.

Being a pre-teen/teen during the JER era I can say everyone my age at the time loved Days, the possession storyline was what everyone was talking about. I know we ended up being 4 years behind, but I am sure that the Carly being buried alive story aired in very late 1993, I remember rushing home from primary school to watch, I could do that because I went to school 10 min from my house. The JER era finished around 2000/2001.

We not only got pre-empted for Cricket but they also took the show off the air for a full month over Dec/Jan for Christmas and New Years, and even if the Cricket got rained out or wasn't shown for some reason, they still didn't air Days or Y&R. that is why we were so far behind.

The possession storyline aired around 1998, I taped everything back then and made my parents watch, I taped every episode between Jan 1995 - Dec 1996 (U.S timeline) I wish they hadn't been destroyed.

I also remember Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols coming to Australia in the early to mid 90's after Kayla and Patch had already left Salem. Suzanne Rogers also came out around 1998 or so, I remember that because all the waiters at the restaurants loved serving her because she didn't know you don't have to tip wait staff here like in the U.S, it is built into their pay.

The reason Days, Y&R and B&B were so popular was because they were the only U.S soaps we got with any regularity. GH was popular in the 80's but relegated to a 5am timeslot (like AW) around the 90's. Then they started a Soap/Talk channel in the mid 90's and showed GL, AMC and others that had never been or were rarely shown here.

The other big problem was B&B was moved from a daytime slot to a late afternoon slot around 1998 or so and had to be edited to fit a G rated timeslot. I hated it when Shiela left and they cut most of her confrontation with Stephanie out, B&B was more popular because it was never pre-empted and we went from about 6 months behind to only a few weeks behind. Also though many complained about the timeslot change, the show must have benefited from it. But that is for another thread.

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Thanks for all those details. Which soaps can you watch now?

General Hospital moved to cable around the late 90's, I think when Ingo joined, and has been on and off, I think it is back on. I am pretty sure they are playing AMC again on some free to air channel in July. Y&R got axed from its home for 30 years and moved to cable. Days is where it has always been and B&B still runs in its same timeslot.

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Thanks for the clips of the Hayes', Carl. I wonder if that was filmed in their home? I can't believe Bill turned 86 this week!

The interview was filmed at actress Ruta Lee's house. Ruta interviewed Bill & Susan for a show she has on TBN (I believe). Her interview of them is available online at Lifestyle Magazine's website. Are we allowed to link other websites on here? If so, I will link it. And I agree, Bill is amazing! He and Susan just returned from a 3-week trip to Italy with some of their family members. Also, they have completed a novel which an ebook publishing company has purchased. I highly recommend their autobiography. A lot of insight into their lives of course, but also into the ins and outs of show business, and behind the scenes of Days. Susan is very funny, too!

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