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AMC -Thursday - October 21, 2010

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I just realized that she isnt his girlfriend; she's his maid. She cooks for him, cleans and even irons his shirts. She made him some breakfast and he was going to bring the dishes to the kitchen and she told him to leave it bc she'll clean up for him after court


Funny how Greenlee moved into Erica's penthouse bc the media was hounding her, yet she stays at the Slater home, which has no security adn she'sleft alone


Colby is such a stank bitch,. She goes "I didnt know you were here with her"


JR gives his bitch of a wife an anniversary gift. 1 year ago they got married


GrandmaBoring: "The good thing about not lviing here anymore is that I dont have to deal with any of this anymore and hopefully,neither will AJ" Funny bc she always seems to be there dealing with this. Can they change the locks already?


C: "Sometimes I feel that without AJ, our lives are going to fall apart


M: "You cant count on a 6 year old to hold your family together. You need to figure out how to do that on your own"

OMG, Colby, STFU! This girl has some major issues. This was the brightest thing Marissa has said. Colby needs to be in therapy bc is coming across as unbalanced how obsessed and sensitive she comes to family issues. Its not normal. Her life is seriously falling apart without AJ? What a loon

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I'm still trying to figure out exactly "that house's" role is in all of this. Even if Marissa gets AJ out of "that house," it doesn't change the fact that he's still a Chandler and the Chandlers will still have influence over him. Look at JR. He didn't grow up in "that house."

Also, I've been skipping days and days of episodes, but has anyone even addressed the fact that Marissa's been AJ's adoptive mother for about five minutes? Or has that been glossed over?

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"Annie is the reason I'm taking AJ away!"

"Annie is the reason Scott is in prison!"

"Annie is the reason this house is so toxic!"

"Annie caused 9/11!"

"Annie is responsible for Hurricane Katrina!"

"Annie piloted the fateful U-boat that sunk the RMS Lusitania!"

God, shut up, bitch.

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I think I preferred her when she was simply boring and barely said a word

I rolled my eyes at the end when she whined to Colby about how JR threatened her bc he told her things will get worse if this custody battle continues. How she interprets that as a threat is beyond me. One has to be really dense to think things will get better if they continue fighting

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    • This will drag into the primaries. His NY trial isn't until March of next year. I suspect the same will be true for his federal indictments and whatever Georgia hits him with.
    • I'm kind of sorry that it happened now for Trump. I hoped it would drag on well into the primaries so that he'd tear all of them apart.  Now, there's too much recovery time for them.  And I still hold to what I've always said - if we ever have a female as President, it will be Republican.   A huge % of women do not really like strong women.  They like stupid subservient ones.  Like Palin.  Like Haley.
    • agreed that the writing for craig was atrocious in the final years. funny thing, though,  about hunt block is that i really like him as ben warren on gl, when he did play the emotional layers. so i wonder if something else was going on. maybe what he was playing was closer to the vision chris goutman had for the character. after scott bryce was fired in 2008, he gave an interview to michael logan and described his relationship with goutman as “odd, and disconnected,” then talked about how dark the show had become and suggested that maybe he “didn’t fit into that vision.”   
    • Nothing in our elections will ever be a breeze. The truth is they never have been. It's just that too many people took progress for granted and threw it away because Bernie told them that their student loans were more important than our civil rights and bodily autonomy. This was a damn fine week. Chris Licht fired, Trump indicted, Pat Robertson and James Watt both dead. (I don't know how many people here remember James Watt but he was a monster.) and SCOTUS actually protected voting rights for once. The election is 18 months away. It's counterproductive to worry about it now. People love to point out Biden's age but then turn around and act like Hamhock is some kind of supervillain. Trump is dying right in front of us but Joe Biden tripped on a sandbag. This is a marathon not a sprint. Let people celebrate the good.
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