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True, but apparently P&G let her do two short stints on ATWT that year.

OK, then that makes sense. Did ATWT and SFT tape in the same NYC studios?

I dunno if there were at the same studio. Very possible. However her ATWT stints were both like 3 episodes a piece

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John Dauer. I liked him. The actor left for his education, which I can respect.

Me too...too bad we didn't see him in anything else. He and Jordana Brewster had great chemistry and I remember that they were popular as a couple. It is too bad John left...he was a good actor.

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These little moments that weren't "needed," but help make the show special, are what I loved about this era of ATWT. The awkward reunion between John and Dee. Betsy/Dee/Annie learning about Bob and Kim (I wonder what their reaction would have been if they'd known Susan was involved).

"Love is love" - wow, Andy was about 15 years ahead of his time. He should have trademarked that.

I'm not sure why they took the time to have a fairly long scene about tolerance of gay people, but I'm glad they did (I have to admit I wondered a few times about Andy...).

Like the John/Nancy exchange. That was the Nancy of old..and the John of old trying to tweak her ("I imagined you WOULD.") I remember not liking this Dee actress but in these scenes she seems relaxed and better...(I like the shoes off feet on the couch...a thing a real person would do and not very Marlandy where everyone was proper.) I didn't know that Schultz came back as Dee in 86...what where her scenes about?

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You're right - that is more like the old Nancy and John. Weird.

Dawson came back. She returned for Nancy and Chris' anniversary. Some say it's Schultz but someone else told me it was Dawson, and it does look/sound more like her.


(I never knew Dee and Brian had dated)


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