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WGA Film Nominations!


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-Cinderella Man


-The 40 Year-Old Virgin

-Good Night, and Good Luck

-The Squid and The Whale


-Brokeback Mountain


-The Constant Gardener

-A History of Violence



Woot go 40YOV! I am SOO happy they it landed on the list, definetly boosts its chances for a nom at Oscar time.

Very surprised to not see Munich or Match Point in the Original Category.

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Hopefully, they'll win.

This movie was fabulous and my #1 for 2005. I don't expect to see it up for any Oscars because it was wayyyy too critical, so may the screenwriter's guild honor it...

I completely agree. Everyone should see this movie. I hope it wins, and that is also gets some Oscar noms.

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