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Classic SOD Synopses section (February 5 , 1991 issue)

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These recaps are from the weeks of January 7-11, and January 14-18, 1991. Hope you enjoy!


Brooke tells Trevor she is indeed pregnant, but that she was artificially inseminated. "Wouldn't it be wild if they matched you up with Adam?" Trevor asks. Brooke begs Dillon to go along with her story that she's adopting.


Ceara tells Jeremy she has to be sure of her future before she can commit to him. So Jeremy proposes, and Ceara breaks off with David, who takes off on his motorcycle and crashes. At the hospital, David tells his father he'll kill whoever it was who took Cerara from him. Jeremy tries to dump Ceara but is moved by how much she loves him, and can't do it.


Brian and Hayley get paired in a school project, in which they're supposed to be married. She's surprised when Brian gives her a peck on the cheek and says, "Good night, Mrs. Bodine." A jealous Dorie tells everyone at school that Hayley's mother is a lush and that Brian told her about it. Hayley lays into Brian, just before Trevor tells her she has to stay with Myrtle while Nat is visiting her sister.


Palmer has another memory attack, and he gets temporarily befuddled. Meanwhile, Will is furious that Palmer is allowing Opal in the business as his secretary.... Derek apologizes to Angie for being such a bear, and she's there when his toe moves for the first time.... In New York with Melanie, Charlie attacks a mugger, who turns out to be a famous German actor. He also trips the actress who is playing the hooker. She can't walk, and Melanie steps in.


Bianca's temper tantrums continue, and Travis and Erica are stunned. Though Travis and Jack think a psychologist would be a good idea, Erica adamantly refuses. "I'd be telling the world I failed," she sobs. But with encouragement from Jack, she finally relents. When Dr. Tolan digs too deep, Erica refuses to bring Bianca there. Instead, she takes Bianca to New York to try to talk to her.

Angie and Derek share a close moment, and she tells Cal she's not ready to spend a weekend with him. When Angie warns Derek that Sharla has a crush on him, he lets her down easy. Sharla is still crushed and blames Angie, whom she accuses of wanting Derek for herself. Angie doesn't see the truth in this, but Derek does.


Charlie tells Joey that he knows exactly how to get Lanie into bed. That night, he stops kissing her just when Lanie is urging him on. What Lanie doesn't know is that Charlie has a fiancee in California.


Will fumes when Palmer makes a job for Opal at Cortlandt Electronics.... Palmer refuses to see a doctor about his spells, but later tells Opal, "Nina, I've never seen you look more beautiful." Opal ushers him to Joe, who says to watch for more attacks. When Palmer falls through the ice during one of his attacks, Charlie has to rescue him. In exchange for his silence, Palmer presents Charlie with forty thousand in cash.... Will tells Opal that Palmers's mother died of a degenerative brain disease, a fact Palmer's thought of himself. He's ,more concerned than he lets on.


Myrtle tricks Hayley into revealing why she's mad at Brian, and Bodine in turn tricks Dorie into owning up to her dirty deeds. Brian forces Dorie to apologize to Hayley, who tries to apologize to Brian, but he's had it. "We have to do that project together," he says. "Otherwise, stay away from me."


Barbara tells Travis that doctors can test for four of the six bone marrow antigens. If they match, there's a good chance the other two will also. The pressure is getting to be too much for Tom, and he nearly takes a drink.... Ceara wants to make love with Jeremy, who is having trouble controlling himself. He's stymied when David says he wants to move in with him- just until his condo is ready.


Trevor says he'll kill Adam if he doesn't come to a settlement with Natalie. "I wasn't born a cop," he subtly threatens. Meanwhile, Adam is worried that he's the one driving Brooke out of Pine Valley, but is touched when he learns the real reason. Brooke claims she doesn't care about him, so he fakes an attack. When she comes near, he kisses her and she responds. Adam goes home to find a baby for Brooke; he doesn't want her to leave town.

Later, Adam intercepts Brooke's call to Stuart about her farewell party. He tells Stuart the party's been canceled, and attends as him. Brooke recognizes Adam instantly, and he tells her he's found a baby for her to adopt. She reacts badly, and Trevor steps in to the rescue, starting a fight with Adam. When Brooke tries to break it up, Trevor impulsively warns, "Watch it. She's pregnant." The room is hushed.

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I never can picture Angie and Derek together. I guess this was the Sandra Quartermain Angie that no one ever really accepted?

I always liked when Trevor would stop being the big moral voice of Pine Valley and go a little bit batsh!t. I guess today if one of PV's "heroes" did that I would be furious with moral outrage, but oh well.

In New York with Melanie, Charlie attacks a mugger, who turns out to be a famous German actor. He also trips the actress who is playing the hooker. She can't walk, and Melanie steps in.

Was this any less woeful oncamera than it is on the page?

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Taylor plays on John's insecurities by saying she's worried by Sharlene's decision to discontinue therapy. Also, she says Sharlene's been acting like Sharly, lately-tardy, forgetful and unreliable.


A the trial, the judge sees two Marleys and demands an explanation. Marley explains that Vicky had been covering for her since the trail began. Everyone's shocked and Cass, thinking on his feet, claims it was part of his strategy. Using reasonable doubt as part of the defense, he says it's obvious that most people can't tell the twins apart. He states that after Marley faked fainting, he had Vicky change into Marley's clothes, then switch places. The judge seems to buy it, although he's livid and places Cass in contempt court. Realizing Morgan is out to get Cass disbarred, Frankie tries to dig up dirt on the D.A. She learns Morgan slept her way to the top. When Frankie threatens to tell the press this, Morgan backs down.


Marley tells Michael that she ran away to protect Vicky. She believes Vicky shot Jake. Michael's blown away, but still suspects that Iris is the guilty party. Michael questions Vicky about the night she confronted Jake and returned with blood on Marley's coat. Outright, he asks her if she shot Jake. She denies it, then faints from nervous exhaustion. That night in the hospital, she has a nightmare about Jake terrorizing her. She thinks it's real and that Jake's faking his coma. She visits his room, where Ryan and Jamie find her hysterical. But later, Vicky catches a glimpse of a disguised woman visiting Jake. Paulina overhears her tell Ryan this and lies that she saw the woman too.


Jenna's being smothered by Felicia. Lucas tries to befriend Jenna and tells her about his and Felicia's child being put up for adoption against their will. Latter, Felicia is surprised to learn that Jenna has spent practically her whole life at the convent school. She wonders why Gloria would leave her daughter there for so many years.

Ken asks Rachel to elope and she agrees. They head to the justice of the peace, who says they're in too much of a rush. They decide to have a big family wedding later.

Taylor manipulates Sharlene by lying to her about the time of her baby shower, knowing she'd miss it and maybe blame Sharly. Dean reminds her about the shower, and she's embarrassed when she arrives late. Taylor then plays on her insecurities.


To get Felicia's attention, dean plays his demo tape on her P.A. system at Tops. She's not amused. He later breaks into her apartment, hoping to leave his tape for her. Instead, he scares Jenna. Felicia's angry, but lets him off the hook. Jenna retrieves Dean's tape from the trash. Later, when Matt takes Jenna to Sassy's on a date, dean isn't thrilled to see the "convent girl."


Frankie learns from Ryan that only three of seven blond hairs found on Jake's shirt were tested. So Frankie manages to get strands of hair from Paulina and Iris, while Cass obtains the same blond wig from the costume shop where Donna rented it. Ryan has the samples tested at the lab. Later, Frankie sees the results and is shocked by what they reveal.

Lori, from the adoption agency in Chicago, stops by to visit Jake. Frankie spies her and wonders if she's the mystery woman. But before she can question her, a nervous Paulina spirits her away. She warns Lori that Jake had lots of girlfriends.


Olivia gets the hint that she's suffocating Sam and angrily tries to run off. But Sam stops Olivia by asking her to move in with him. She's all for it.

Investigating Jake's shooting for an article, Amanda questions Jake's loan shark, who gives her a lead to another guy. She plans to meet the seedy character at the Cory cabin and tells Paulina, who warns Sam. At the cabin, Amanda's clearly not endangered by the informant, but a worried Sam shows up and scares him off.


Donna confronts Vicky about going to see Jake the night he was hot. During their argument, Vicky reveals, "Jake had been shot before I got there. Who did it if it wasn't Marley?"

The judge lets Cass continue to defend Marley at the trial. Jamie's called to the stand, and Morgan establishes that Jamie and Marley have had a relationship since Nice. But when Cass cross-examines him, Jamie reveals he's not having an affair with Marley; they've never slept together.

Vicky's subpoenaed. She enters the courtroom in time to hear Chris, Jake's neighbor, say he saw Marley leave Jake's loft. Cass gets Chris to say he could have seen Vicky, not Marley. While Vicky's on the stand, Morgan brings up the point that Marley has "Stolen" two of Vicky's men. She incites Vicky to blurt out that she's hated Marley for that.

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Hiding out at the family summer home in Lake Geneva, conducting cryptic telephone calls with her brother, the besotted Barclay, Angel Lange appears to have been trying to harass Lily Walsh. The masked man surprising Lily at the office, the charred doll identical to the one arriving in the mail- all the clues pointed to Angel. But a series of events reveals that what Angel has been doing was preparing for life after her inevitable divorce from Holden- and life away from her father.


Angel and Barclay has conspired to embezzle money from their father, Henry Lange, so that Angel can be financially independent. Henry is incensed that Angel refused to spend the holidays with him and, on a trip from Holden, he finally looks for her at Lake Geneva. Alone in the house, Angel remembers her father coming after her before. Henry searches the bedrooms for his daughter. Henry takes the phone off the hook. Angel panics. She can't believe he's found her again.

Henry rapes he. In Oakdale, Barclay tells Holden that Angel has been the victim of incest. He begs Holden not to call the police or Angel will be humiliated if her secret is revealed. In Lake Geneva, Angel takes an overdose of sleeping pills. Holden and Barclay rush her to the hospital.


Carolyn Crawford is thinking about having an in vitro pregnancy; she's very aware of being unable to satisfy her husband's sexual needs. Jessica tells Carolyn that the courts usually favor biological parents in case of disputes.


Barclay tells the doctor who pumps Angel's stomach that her overdose was "accidental." When Angel learns that Holden knows the facts of her relationship with her father, she wants to die. She tells him. that he may have his freedom if he'll promise never to tell anyone that her father abused her. Holden says he won't leave her side.

Henry sets out to find Angel again, but Holden takes her to the farm, where rape victim Iva tries to convince her to go into counseling. Cal Stricklyn agrees to give Angel a haven away from Henry, and Holden tells Lily that Henry has molested Angel since childhood.


Barclay tells Holden that Henry intends to bring Angel home. Over his dead body, says Holden. Henry walks into the office where Holden and Barclay are talking, and Holden nearly kills him. Kirk Anderson restrains him. Later, Henry demands to know why Holden attacked him. Holden tries to suppress his fury, but Henry pushes him too far. He tells the furniture mogul that he's going to see that Henry pays for what he did to Angel.

Henry learns from Lucinda's assistant, Jane, that Barclay is at Cal's. He's there all right, but is getting too sloshed on vodka to be of much use to his sister. When Henry shows up, Barclay is passed out. Henry tells Angel that Holden wants to have her committed. He'll help her if she denies that he abused her. Angel escapes to the Snyder farm. Caleb's there. She goes into hiding again, and Caleb refuses to tell Holden where she is. It's Angel's wish, Caleb says, because Holden broke every promise he made to her.


John and Lucinda fly down to the Dominican Republic and finalize the divorce. Pathetically, Lucinda makes some amorous moves. John admits the sparks are still there, but he wants out. Lucinda overhears John tell Iva he'll be available to the bachelor auction she's sponsoring at the hospital. Susan jokes about bidding on John. Kim wants Susan to get a job in another city, but Susan decides to accept a teaching post at Oakdale University. Bob tells Kim that if they can't solve their problems with Susan around, they won't solve them if she moves away, either.


After losing her show to Kim, Blythe Nelson resigns from WOAK, deciding to sue Tonio for breach of contract. The dethroned media star fills Kim in on how Tonio proposed to her and promised PATTERNS to her. Everything changed once Sabrina arrived in Oakdale, Blythe adds. Meanwhile, Tonio's proposed to Sabrina.

The lascivious Latin jets to Toronto under a false name to meet with Richard Tyrell. Blake Stephens is meeting with him when Reyes arrives. Tonio warns Tyrell that Blake may be spying for Duncan. McKechnie urges Blake to get out of there, but the line goes dead. Duncan heads over to the police, and Tonio gives the order to have Blake killed.


Henry tells Barclay he can prove his attempted embezzlement and he'll prosecute if his son talks. Next, Lange hires a private investigator to find Angel. Barclay tells Holden he can't help him. Angel keeps in touch with Caleb and Henry tells Virgil, Lily's masked man, it's time to take care of Holden.

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Ridge enters Brooke's dressing room with the minister and asks Brooke to marry him. She happily accepts and the ceremony is performed. Stephanie appears in the doorway, thrilled that Eric is now free to come back to her. Just then, Brooke wakes up, disoriented, and realizes it was all a dream.


Thorne falls ill the morning of the wedding, so Ridge agrees to be the best man at Eric and Brooke's wedding. Little sister Katie informs the bride of the new arrangement, and Brooke isn't sure she can handle this turn of events after her dream. She summons all her resources and marches bravely down the aisle and takes her place next to Eric. The couple are pronounced husband and wife.


Everyone's wondering what the new husband has planned for the honeymoon. Brooke is stunned to see a beautiful hot-air balloon waiting to whisk them up and away. They climb aboard, en route to a mystery destination, as their guests wave and cheer. They sail through the air until Brooke looks down and notices two horses saddled up in the middle of the desert. The balloon descends, and when it lands, the newlywed Forresters saddle up and ride, eventually arriving at an Arabian Nights style tent. Brooke is flabbergasted. She tells Eric that he's created the perfect honeymoon for them. He replies that he believes their fairy-tale romance will never end.


Ridge asks Taylor to speak with Stephanie about the divorcee's unrealistic hope of getting Eric back. The doctor is hesitant, but eventually agrees. Stephanie doesn't take well to Taylor's unsolicited advice.... Jake tells Felicia he's decided not to confront his father again. He just wants to get on with his life. The two finally make love, leaving them both thrilled and happy.... Julie presents a very convincing argument for Clarke to leave Sally's employ.... Felicia requests a few more days from Sally to make her decision about leaving her family's company to work for Spectra.

Taylor believes Stephanie's attempt to befriend Eric and Brooke is unhealthy, but Stephanie doesn't want Taylor or anyone else telling her what to do with her life. She's convinced Eric's marriage is the result of a mid-life crisis, and he'll eventually return to her.


As Stephanie is packing to go away for a while, she has a mild stroke. Disoriented, she grabs her suitcase and staggers out of the room, accidentally kicking her purse under the bed. Later, her car runs out of gas in a dangerous neighborhood. As a trio of seedy men glare through the car window, Stephanie wonders how she got there. The Forrester maid is perplexed when she finds Stephanie's purse, containing her wallet and airline tickets, under the bed.


When Taylor declines Ridge's dinner invitation, having already shared supper with Storm, Ridge says that they're being unfair to Storm. Maybe they shouldn't see each other anymore, Ridge suggests. Taylor leaves in tears. Storm agrees to give Taylor one more week to consider his proposal, and quizzes her about her ex-husband. Taylor's not forthcoming.


Brooke's so enchanted with her honeymoon retreat, she tells Eric she wants to go back there for all their anniversaries. Still, she and Eric are thrilled to get home and see their baby.


Clarke worries that Sally offered Felicia too much to come work for Spectra. What's the real deal Clarke doesn't want Felicia at Spectra? Sally wants to know. Clarke's a hot commodity right now-has he received another job offer? covering, Clarke agrees with Sally that no one would take better care of him than she.

Felicia agrees to join Spectra on the condition that there's no publicity until she gives the go-ahead; she wants to be the one to tell her family about the career move.

Julie lines up investors for Clarke's own fashion house. Now that he no longer needs Sally, Julie gushes, Clarke can get a divorce. Loyalty wins out over greed, and Clarke orders Julie to phone back the investors and cancel the deal. He also tells Julie he thinks they should cool their relationship, but Julie has no intention of backing down.


Thorne and Macy entertain Felicia and Jake. Recounting a memory of his father teaching him to ski, Jake gets uneasy. It doesn't make sense that the man who spent so many wonderful times with him also sexually abused Jake.

Helen visits Jake and is delighted to learn that her son is in love with Felicia. She admits she's torn about Ben- he's been a great husband for years, but she can't forgive him for what he did to their son.

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Bo pulls away from kissing Carly and beats a hasty retreat. Alone, Carly is attacked by one of Lawrence's thugs, who's searching for something. She is stabbed and badly hurt just as Bo returns to chase off the goon. Brady patches up Carly's wound before rushing her to the hospital. The attack reminds Bo that he was powerless to prevent Hope's death. Tormented, he avoids the hospital- and Carly.


Unaware that Jennifer was raped by Lawrence, Jack assumes that she was revering to Deveraux's past when she called him a rapist. The emotional fallout destroys their relationship and he takes back the engagement ring. Jenn can't explain her outburst, so they drift farther apart.

Jack's feelings of worthlessness increase. On a drunken binge, he goes to a crummy hotel to find a hooker. Instead he meets Jennifer, who's there to meet Tanner, a mystery man claiming to have info on Nick's murder. Jack's pain causes him to accuse Jenn of lying to him. Heartbroken, Jenn runs off without hearing anything from Tanner.


The ISA sends Shane's ex-partner to convince him to take on a new case concerning a virus. Donovan refuses Miss Peach's plea, because they want him to use Kayla as an unwitting informant. Kayla returns from visiting Kim and reports her sister may return to Salem.

Since Miss Peach is staying with Shane, she can't help noticing he's falling for Kayla. Though Donovan and his sister-in-law can't deny it, their feelings are growing hard to ignore. It seems Marcus is falling for Kayla, too, causing tension between him and Donovan.

When he learns Peachy is ill with the virus, Shane takes the case. He tells Kayla that he's funding a new immunology clinic and requests she be in charge. She's pleased to accept, unaware that she'll be used to gather virus data for the ISA.


At Tom's invitation, Carly convalesces at the Hortons': Alice offers her home to Bo and his son while their boat's being repaired. The Hortons set up a romantic dinner, then slip away. Caught up in the evening, Bo and Carly kiss, but one again he pulls away. Later, Alice has another dizzy spell and is hospitalized. Mrs. Horton is overdoing it, Carly warns Tom.


Roman is saddened when Carrie decides to live with her mother. Meanwhile, the investigation of Nick's murder is at a stand still. Roman's announcement that no bullet was found in Corelli's body has no effect on the many suspects. Melissa gives Brian the gun that she found among Emilio's things. Meanwhile, Johnny covers for April, and lies to Brian that they never left the party.


Justin admits to Roman that he and Nick argued at the refinery. Later, Johnny admits he, too, quarreled with Nick- after seeing Kiriakis leave. In the clear, Justin and Adrienne can leave for Dallas. Justin overcomes the pain he feels about the fact that Johnny has Victor's power of attorney. Victor and Justin bid a loving farewell. Julie urges Victor to recover so they can unite and destroy Lawrence.

Although Victor's improving, Isabella realizes she needs help and asks for Carly's aid. Bo accuses Carly of using Victor to get closer to him, but she takes the job anyway.


Jack learns Lawrence is trying to buy Diana's share of the newspaper. Meanwhile, Alamain pressures Jennifer about the divorce, hoping she'll convince Carly to give him the Von Leuschner empire. Fed up, Frankie flies to Switzerland to get his lawyers to release the fortune. En route, he's surprised by Eve. Frankie admits he'll enjoy having a friend along, but Switzerland arouses painful memories.Eve does her best to ease things and they tenderly kiss, but Frankie's feelings for Jenn stop him from going farther. "It's OK, I can't wait," Eve says.


At Melissa's invitation, Brian catches her act at Wings. During the show, he's surprised by his fiancee, Madeline Armstrong. Melissa isn't sure how to take the news that he's engaged. Brian's wondering if Madeline is right for him. Jennifer finds Tanner badly beaten in an alley. Her cries for help are heard by Brian and Melissa, who are walking nearby. Jenn is shocked when Brian recognizes him. They know each other? "He's my brother," Brian replies.


Johnny's intrigued to learn Justin's son and Anjelica were killed in a plane crash. He sneaks one million dollars from Victor's account and pays for more information. By the time Isabella and Justin learn of the missing funds, Johnny's already far away on a mysterious island and he's greeting Anjelica and Alexander.

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I don't remember this Bylthe Nelson on ATWT. What was she like?

Hiding out at the family summer home in Lake Geneva, conducting cryptic telephone calls with her brother, the besotted Barclay,

Were they implying Barclay was involved with Angel?

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Robert confronts Rita. He knows she mailed Bobbie's earring to Tony. Scorpio reveals he has dirt on Rita; it seems her charity isn't quite legit. "I want you out of town. Now," he barks.

Bobbie's making a fool out of him, Rita tells Tony, who's on his way to Florida with his family Bobbie tells Ruby about Broxton's baby file. If Scorpio catches on to Mark's activities, destroy it, she orders. Robert wants the Willow Shores water retested. Tony receives a note from Rita: "You and I didn't have the most honest relationship, but at least I never tried to hide my affairs."


"Why didn't you tell me you were in love with Robert?" Tiffany asks her sister. Cheryl insists it can work for her and Scorpio once their baby is found. Tiff refuses to believe she had Robert's son.


Edge takes Decker to New York to meet the other partners in the operation. Decker spots bootleg cassettes of newly released films. "We could make a fortune," Edge promises, adding that he's done it in Europe. So the media agency would be a cover for the illegal operation, Decker deduces. He still wants "in."


Dawn moves in with Monica. Alan confides he made a big mistake with Lucy. "How could I let her destroy what we had between us?" he asks. "You knew what you were doing," Monica counters.

Scott and Lucy battle over the baby's trust fund. She's going to cut him out, he realizes. "I've got everything I want. I don't need you," she blurts. Alan appears and demands to know what's going on. "The baby your wife's having? I'm the father," Scott declares and leaves. "Don't leave me!" Lucy begs Alan and gets a cramp. He doesn't believe her-until she collapses.

Lucy's in premature labor. A worried Scott shows up at the hospital. He and Alan blame each other and nearly come to blows. Scott confesses all to Tom. "I'm not such a bad guy," he says.

Lucy loses her baby, a boy. Alan is sorry, but he doesn't want to see her. It's over.


"I wanted us to be a family," Scott tells Lucy. "There's nothing- thanks to you," she shoots back. "I love you, but that wasn't enough," Scott says. After he leaves, tears well in Lucy's eyes. Alone, Scott breaks down.

"I never want to see you again," Lucy tells him later. "That child would have given me security, respect. Now I'll never get it. You ruined my plans." She hated carrying his baby; it made her sick. She wanted a Quartermaine baby. Scott's in a daze.


Frisco and Scorpio realize if Bobbie knew of Broxton's treachery and kept quiet, she could be prosecuted. Tests verify contaminated condo water caused the epidemic. Broxton is arrested.


Edge and his partners want Decker to buy Colton's club and use it to front their operation. He'll go along, but insists on doing the commercial for Body Heat. A blizzard hits while Dawn, Edge, Decker and Frankie are at ELQ looking at office space for their agency. They-and Ned- are stranded. Ashton listens to their plans and hears of Colton's plight. He secretly discovers ELQ owns the mortage on Body Heat and the wheels start turning.

Alan shows up at Monica's hotel to chat and dine. "Do you have any feelings left for me?" he asks. Yes, she admits. "Sometimes when I look at you....," Alan begins. She cuts him off. He's been through a lot of upheaval and doesn't know what he's saying. Alan backs down and thanks her for being there for him. Sometimes, she adds.

Lila calls a meeting and tells Alan, "I'm taking my share of Edward's stock, adding a little of my own and giving it to Tracy so she has exactly the same amount of shares as you." He's furious- especially when Tracy points out that if she and Ned join forces, they will have control.


Broxton tells Scorpio that he has interesting documents for the Commissioner. Scorpio refuses to cut a deal. "Once you see my hand, your life will never be the same again," Broxton promises.

Bobbie cuts short her vacation, claiming an adoption emergency. "You're having an affair," Tony accuses. Bobbie denies it, but he's skeptical and flies home with her. Bobbie jimmies a locked drawer in Broxton's office and activates an alarm. She grabs the "Billion-Dollar Baby file" and hides. Broxton (Out on Bail) finds it's missing. He takes out the ledger, but, before he can do anything else, Robert and Frisco arrive.

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Shocked to find Peter back in town upon her own return, Rebecca refuses to listen to Sam's explanation for Daddy's reappearance after twenty years. Rebecca offers to lend her legal expertise to help Sam settle Jordan's estate. Rebecca suggests Sam sell the Winston Hotel, but Sam resists her mother's advice. Peter is anxious for Rebecca to hear him out, but she won't listen. Tension rises later when Ruth defends Peter to an unforgiving Rebecca. At the police station, Kyle gets flack from the commissioner for the negative publicity Taylor's case stirred up- particularly regarding Kyle's involvement with the now-widowed Sam. Kyle is suspended for three months, pending a full review.


Peter announces plans to reopen his old club- The Music Box. Ruth tells Doreen about Peter's plans, and Doreen quickly reveals to Peter that she'd like to be his partner and that she wants to sing on opening night. But Peter has Ruth in Mind. Ruth recalls making love with Peter twenty years ago at the then-hopping Music Box and how Vivian caught them. So Ruth says no to a return engagement. Peter persists, and a weakening Ruth reconsiders.


Adam is convinced when he hears from Doreen that perhaps Maya is becoming obsessed with him. When Adam tries to persuade Maya to get a job or go to college, Maya senses Doreen is behind the lecture. The young woman resists the career route. She would prefer to be married with Children, but Adam says he wants to wait a while. An impatient Maya discards her birth control pills and tells Doreen to stay the hell out of her life with Adam.


At Eric's apartment, Chantal overhears another woman leaving a message for Eric on his answering machine. Chantal thinks there's more to this old girlfriend, Brandy Alexander, than Eric would like her to believe. Unable to deny his feelings for Brandy, Eric later heads over to her hotel room. But after romping with Brandy, Eric confides he still has feelings for Chantal. In the meantime, Chantal is busy at Eric's apartment whipping up a surprise dinner. Overcome with guilt, Eric proposes marriage to Chantal. A reluctant Chantal says yes. After hearing of their wedding plans, Brandy decides not to leave town just yet.


Sam is stunned to learn Jordan willed everything to her, especially since she wanted to get an annulment. Rebecca advises her daughter to remain mum about the annulment and to stay away from Kyle until the will clears probate. Rebecca also warns Sam against becoming chummy with Peter, because he'll only leave again. Sam says it's not so, and that Peter is hanging around to reopen the Music Box. Rebecca confronts Peter, telling him that she didn't deserve to be abandoned. She also says "no" to Peter's suggestion that they at least remain friends. She's furious to hear that Sam co-signed for Peter's mortgage on the club. Rebecca gives Peter hell about involving Sam, and demands to know the extent of Peter's relationship with Ruth. Peter insists he and Ruth are just friends, but Rebecca senses he's lying. Not long after, Peter and Ruth are drawn into a passionate kiss.


When Kyle learns that Sam is inherited Jordan's entire estate, he advises her to renounce it and end all ties with Jordan. Miffed because Sam's getting all of Jordan's money, Jessica shoots photos of Sam and Kyle's tete-a-tete in hopes of discrediting Sam. Sam and Kyle later make love after months apart.


Ruth gets excited about singing at The Music Box on opening night. But a not-so-pleased Henry forbids it. Ruth thinks Henry's resistance stems from his resentment of Peter, but Henry denies it and still insists that Ruth not sing there. Meanwhile. Doreen is speechless when she learns Peter has already asked Ruth to warble a tune at the opening night of The Music Box, but Doreen is ecstatic when she learns that Henry forbade it. Later, Ms. Jackson seethes when Ruth announces that she's decided to sing after all.


Anxious to learn what really went on between Ruth and Peter all those years ago, Doreen invites Vivian over to the penthouse. Doreen tells Vivian that Ruth is singing at The Music Box. Assuming Ruth confided in Doreen, Vivian spills the beans that Ruth and Peter made love twenty years ago while Peter was till married to Rebecca. Her fears aroused that Ruth and Peter may be starting up again, Vivian agrees to put a stopp to Ruth singing at the Music Box.


Brandy's not buying the idea that Eric is committed to Chantal. Spotting Eric with Brandy, Adam warns his future brother-in-law not to hurt Chantal.

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Mallet goes to New York to get Mindy's design, and he and Frank retrieve it together. Mallet brings it to an overjoyed Mindy, and the two of them confront Weiss.

When an old friend of Mallet's questions her about the necklace he gave her, Mindy becomes curious about A.C.'s past. That night, Mallet has nightmares.


Roger devises a plan to make Alex want out of the marriage, and get revenge on Holly at the same time. Later, Henry pays a visit to Alex, wanting to know when she is going to end her marriage.


As Billy struggles with a plan to outsmart Josh in business, he is shocked when he thinks he sees Reva's face on TV. Sarah is stunned by the same telecast. Billy obtains a copy of the tape. Harley has a premonition that someone will separate her and Josh.


Holly is furious when Roger threatens to tell Blake about Acapulco in order to gain business leverage with her, and Ross tells them he wants out of the station.... Alex wonders what Blake is really up to when she videotapes a testimonial about Phillip to Judge Collier. Beth and Lillian bravely wait for the judge's decision.


Dylan apologizes to Sam for blowing up at Daniel, but Sam still brings in another specialist to examine her. Daniel balks when Raleigh says surgery is a viable option for Sam, who asks Dr. St. John to perform the operation.


Gilly tells Hamp they have no future as long as he refuses to share his past with her.... Chelsea tells Fletcher that she has an offer from Jackson Freemont to go to London and make a demo tape. He tries to sound cool and encourage her to go, but Chelsea is hurt when he doesn't try to stop her.... When Mo asks Fletch about Alex, Ed wonders if Mo still has a thing for Fletcher.

Sam is confuses when Daniel refuses to operate on her. Ed makes Daniel realize that his judgement has been clouded by personal feelings. Dr. St.John confesses to Sam that he was afraid he'd fail her, but now he has the confidence to put his feelings aside and perform the surgery.


Mallet visits his old church, where his priest advises him to forget the past. Mallet fights back his emotions. Later, A.C. discovers he was ordered to stay in Springfield to find out who's been pushing for Alan Spaulding's parole.


Sarah's heart sinks when she sees Harley and Marah excitedly preparing for the wedding, and she warns Harley to be prepared in case something happens. Billy tells Sarah he will move heaven and earth to find Reva (and get Josh out of Springfield). Billy isolates a frame from the video and has it converted to a photo, which he shows to Harley at her shower. Josh is alarmed by the shocked look in Harley's eyes. Josh boils, thinking Billy is drunk, but Billy defends himself and relates the events which led him to the conclusion that Reva is alive. Vanessa wonders why Billy sounds so desperate, and she advises Josh to take some time and at least look at the tape. Harley's knees buckle when she later sees Josh watching the tape over and over. Later, she finds him at Reva's memorial, lost in memories.


Roger and Mindy come home from a sizzling all-nighter in Chicago and realize they must act like mere acquaintances at Lizzie's christening. Beth tells Mindy she thinks Mallet is nice, then realizes Mindy is still seeing Roger. Mindy swears Beth to secrecy when she tells her Roger plans to be with Mindy for good. The christening is underway when Ross learns that Judge Collier has made her decision.

Things look bleak for the defense as the judge begins her verdict, but she sentences them to indefinite community service.... in other communities. Phillip takes Beth to the stables and asks her to marry him. When they arrive at the christening party they announce that they will be married on Valentine's Day. Beth tells Rick she will never forget what he did for her and Phillip, but he stops her when she tells him he will never know how much she loves him. Ed and Mo throw a good-bye party for Rick, who gives a very emotional and poignant farewell.


Roger and Mindy take Lizzie home from the christening, and Mindy tells Roger she wants to give him a son. Mindy decides to become Blake's friend, in order to keep Roger.... Chelsea confides to Gilly that if Fletcher had asked her to stay, London would have been history. She advises Gilly to hang in with Hamp: he'll come around soon.... Billy agrees to go back to A.A., if Vanessa will be there for him.

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Gwyn tells a shocked Trisha that she's sure Clay is setting up Trucker, then confronts Cabot, who covers for Clay but offers Gwyn his help. Cabot knows Clay has to be stopped before the situation gets out of control.


At first, it looks like even Alex thinks Trucker is guilty, and he tries to get him to confess. But when Trucker adamantly defends his innocence, Alex is relieved. Once Trucker's out on bail, he knows the only way to prove his innocence is to do it himself. He leaves a note for Trisha that he'll be gone for awhile then jumps bail.

Trisha eventually suspects the truth about Cabot. She tells Shana, "Grandfather made that deal with Arcort, and my father's covering for him by putting the blame on Trucker. "Shana wanted Trucker to be guilty so that she wouldn't have to face the fact that Cabot was responsible for the deaths of Jim and Jimmy.


Rocky wants to patch things up with Rio, but Domecq remembers Alex warning him to stay away from Rocky for her safety. It kills him to say they need time apart.

Egypt confronts Alex about being caught in bed with Ava. Masters is furious and denies that anything happened. An upset Egypt seeks council from Carly, who encourages her to tell Paul. Egypt berates Ava in front of Slavinsky. Just as Carly had hoped, Paul spurns Ava.


Dane gives Gwyn a pair of expensive diamond earrings, hoping to make Shana jealous. Later, he retrieves the earrings, because his bank account is suffering, and has copies made. Hammond doesn't tell Gwyn and worries when she charges up a storm on his credit cards.


A.Z. tells Paul that General Ramirez will be in Corinth to personally make a cash deposit. Later, a bold Carly tries to anger Paul by hanging out at Off-Limits. There, Ramirez spies Carly and recognizes her as his supposedly deceased lover, Loren.

Ramirez says to Carly, "You've changed your hair, Loren." She pretends she doesn't know him, but privately panics and runs off. As Rio spies Ramirez, he steps out of sight. Slavinsky covers for Carly when Ramirez inquires about her, but the General's certain Paul is familiar with "Loren." Later, he demands that Paul turn the girl over to him. Still, Slavinsky remains cool and Ramirez backs off.


Shana tells Dane that Trisha believes Cabot was responsible for the detective plane parts since he was in charge of AE at the time the planes were built. Trisha overhears Dane admit to Shana that Cabot is completely responsible.

While at Dane's, Shana inadvertently discovers that he's near bankruptcy.

A handwriting expert says that Trucker's signature on the safety deposit box papers was probably forged. Alex also tells Howie that adhesive was found on the murder weapon so Trucker's prints could have been transferred onto the gun. Suspicious of Clay, Alex tricks him into giving him a sample of his handwriting.


Gwyn pleads with Clay to stop his charade, but Alden confides he's doing it because he needs Cabot's approval. She says it's not fair that Trisha's the one who has to suffer. Later, Trisha renounces her father when Clay keeps pretending Trucker's guilty. Alden calls his associate, Robledo, in San Felipe to warn him about the investigation. It just so happens that Trucker is meeting with Robledo, who reveals he's involved with Clay. Later, Trucker calls Clay to say he's go Robledo on his side. Clay panics when he's subpoenaed, and Cabot gets him to confide in him about the evidence he planted against Trucker.

Stacey receives a postcard from jack in San Felipe in which he's written a poem about being locked in a dungeon. Is it a clue?


Rio's concerned for Abril when she insists she's giving her unbron baby up for adoption. He is certain Clay's the father, although his sister denies it. She blurts out that Monty's the father, and begs Rio not to bother Monty. But later, Rio warns the young man to stay away from Abril.

Feeling guilty about Egypt, Alex tries to smooth things over with his wife, but she misunderstands. Egypt thinks he wants to separate. Alex is confused, and Egypt accuses him of leaving her for Ava. He doesn't fight it and agrees that Maybe a separation would be best.


Carly lies to Ava that she's met a new man. Later, Ramirez stops by the pie shop at the mall and shows Ava a picture of "Loren." she thinks he is Carly's new man and reveals that Loren's real name is Carly Rescott. When Ava tells Carly about the man, Carly rushes to Paul at Off-Limits, where Ramirez finds them together.

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Lucky witnesses Tina swerve her car at the last minute to miss Carlo, but then accidentally hit Renee. At the hospital, Lucky tells a distraught Asa that it was a hit-and-run. Later, a shaken Tina's shocked to learn that she hit Renee, not Carlo. She can't believe she ran down her best friend.

Renee pulls through and knows Tina hit her by accident. She urges her to keep quiet about the hit-and-run and covers for Tina when Troy questions her. But Carlo's suspicious of Tina and locates her car. He surprises Tina with the truth and offers her a trade: He won't tell the police she ran down Renee if he can adopt her baby.


Gabrielle tells Julia that she worked hard to turn Max into a potential millionaire and she wants her share. She remembers how she paid a forger to write the letters in which Patricia claimed Asa was Max's father. She also paid the midwife to back up her story. Desperate, Gabrielle steals a copy of Asa's will and learns Max will inherit a portion of Asa's wealth. She plans to stall Max's divorce.


Jake doesn't reveal to Charlotte that he knows she's not blind. She continues her charade and checks into a clinic.

Bo and Jake suspect Carlo's financing the movie because he may have it in for Megan, so Jake breaks into Hesser's safe. He finds gambling IOU's from Chad to Carlo worth thousands of dollars and wonders if Hunter is connected to Carlo, too. He also finds an itinerary for the Shadow man. He tells a shocked Bo, who contacts Nat. Olanov reveals that he developed a mind-altering drug that wasn't perfected. Carlo's goons stole the formula.


While Hunter and Megan rehearse a love scene, Megan feels disloyal to Jake and pulls away. Later, during taoing, Megan does the love scene with Hunter in a negligee. But Carlo orders Chad to reshoot the scene with them in the nude. Jealous, Jake drags her off the set, but Megan's still angry that he slept with Charlotte.

When Lucky buys Stoplight, Viki suspects he got the money from Asa for scaring Carlo and demands answers about his witnessing the hit and run. He doesn't reveal it was Tina, but says a woman was driving the car. When Viki tells Renee she's determined to find out who's responsible, Renee blurts out it was Tina.

Tina refuses Carlo's demands but offers to let him have visitation rights. No go- he wants full custody. Suddenly, Viki finds them and stands up to Carlo. Even if Renee doesn't prosecute, Carlo retaliates, the state will. Once Tina's found guilty, he'll petition for custody. He gives them a few days to mull it over. Now Viki has a choice- her honor as mayor or her sister.

Cord puts it all together and realizes Tina hit Renee. He supports Tina, and they get the dent in the car fixed. But a desperate Tina sees that the only solution is for her to run away. On the plane to San Francisco, Carlo surprises Tina.


Jake doesn't trust Hunter's motives, and the two men argue. Megan sides with Hunter, insisting Jake has no say in her life. But Jake's show of concern for Megan has tipped Carlo off that Harrison still loves Megan. Jake finally tells Megan that Charlotte isn't blind and that Carlo is financing the movie. When he wants her to give up the movie, Megan furiously refuses. Carlo's bankrolling of the movie is news to Hunter, and when they question Chad, he denies it. Angry that Jake's betrayed Charlotte, Hesser orders Chad to kill Jake. He plans to have a prop fan fall on Jake, but it almost hits Megan, instead. Hunter pushes her out of the way in time. Chad claims Jake made an attempt to kill Hunter, and the police arrest Harrison.


Rika tells Kerry that she wants to be friends. But he doesn't want just that. He takes her in his arms, and they kiss. Still, Rika says they're "Just friends."

Dan informs Larry that he's moving to Philadelphia to be with Laura and to start a free clinic there. They say goodbye.

Since Asa plans to throw Gabrielle out of the mansion, she takes Max up on his offer to leave Al with him, with the provision that she can see him anytime.


Alex invites Bo to her new apartment, but Buchanan gets a message from Nat for them to meet. When Bo has Max show up instead, Alex rushes off to find Bo. She follows him to the park, where he meets Nat. He tells Bo he's perfected the formula and wants him to give it to Nat's government contacts. Before he can, a gunshot rings out. Nat runs off as Alex emerges from the shadows, shouting for her father. Bo stops Alex from going after him. Alex is furious that Bo has kept her father from her, but he explains they did it to protect her- from Carlo. He also tells Jake, and all three wonder if Nat's somehow connected to Megan's movie, too. Later, Alex gets a frantic call from her father.

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After Mason slaps a stunned Julia with divorce papers, Cassie catches him in a vulnerable moment, and they make love. Julia is even more upset upon finding the two in their compromising position. Later, Cassie learns that Michael and Julia slept together while he was a priest, and wrongly believes that Julia was married to Mason at the time. She gives Belinda this news, despite Dash's objection to digging up dirt on Julia. Eden, who is doing an informative news series on rape, meets with Julia.

When Stephen accuses Cassie of burning his film, and sending Ethan and Derek to prison, she doesn't deny it, but insists no one will ever believe him. Cassie is shocked to overhear in a conversation between Minx and Michael that she is Minx's daughter. She doesn't tell anyone, but Mason senses something's wrong. Meanwhile, an unholy alliance is formed when Cassie agrees to let Gina hold her wedding to Keith at the Capwell Oasis.


After Richie learns that Laken's relationship with Amado has become serious, he takes Amado out for drinks. Later, he drops off a drunken Amado at home. The next morning, Amado wakes up to find his knuckles bloodied and stolen car stereos in his room. Cruz believes that Amado is innocent, and lets him movie in with him and Eden, in lieu of a sentence. Amado tells Laken and Minx he believes Richie is setting him up, but both side with Richie. Amado angrily quits his job as Minx's chauffeur.


Robert is with Flame when she gets the call from Quinn, which is actually a recording rigged by Cruz and Eden. She is further spooked when some of the items that she used to gaslight Kelly appear in her room. She receives a note from Keith Timmons that says to meet him at Quinn's house. Keith gets a similar note from Flame. Actually, both notes were sent by Cruz and Eden. When Flame arrives at Quinn's, she's shocked to see Quinn, who is actually Robert, standing before her, and screams that she killed him. Felling like a big fool, Keith drops the charges against Eden.

Trying to play on Keith's sympathy, Flame says she shot Quinn to protect Eden and Kelly. Timmons sort of buys it, and lets Flame off the hook by not arresting her. Besides, Flame's confession was obtained through entrapment. Cruz doesn't protest- his main objective was to get Eden off the hook anyway.

The Castillos get back to their lives, while a mysterious man begins following Eden's every move. He even writes her a letter, addressed to his cherie. When Amado moves in with Cruz and Eden, Cruz asks him to look after her while he extradites a prisoner from Paris.


With Cruz out of town, Eden gets a phone call from a man named Andre, but assumes it's a wrong number. That night, Andre breaks into Eden's home, and she catches a glimpse of his face before Amado chases him out. Though Eden doesn't recognize Andre, his face continues to flash om her mind and in her dreams. She is shaken when she receives a letter from Andre which says she's as beautiful as he remembers, and they must meet again very soon. Later, while waiting for Michael at the Lair, Eden comes face-to-face with her mysterious admirer.


During the rape trial, Julia and Dash give conflicting versions of the alleged rape. Also on the stand, Michael admits he and Julia slept together. Julia is shocked when the jury finds Dash not guilty of Rape, and she vows to Mason that she'll make Dash pay. Meanwhile, Belinda urges Dash to sue Julia for defamation of character. He refuses, even though the bad publicity has gotten him ousted from The Blues. When Julia sees Dash the next day, he begs her to put this behind her. She retaliates with a slap to his face and says that he must be very proud of himself.


Kelly returns from Cabo San Lucas with Craig to find Robert still vying for her affections. She tells Barr she can't go on working with him. Craig informs Kelly that he's also considering striking out on his own, and would like to make a business proposal to C.C. Robert overhears and makes inquiries into Craig's project.


Minx knows of the accusations about Cassie burning Stephen's film and turning Ethan and Derek in, and wonders if Cassie has any family loyalty. She decides she must find a way to find out. Cassie overhears Augusta tell Minx that Lionel has learned Cassie left her mission in Macao at age sixteen under a dark cloud. Cassie calls Macao and tells someone to "take care of" Lionel. After Michael blasts Minx for not telling Cassie the truth yet, Minx invites Cassie over, saying she's got something very important to tell her. Meanwhile, Stephen tells Mason he believes someone else burned his film. A couple of days later, Stephen Slade disappears.

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Nina throws Cricket and Danny out after they voice their fears about David. The Romalottis worry that Nina will no longer have anyone to watch out for her welfare.


Nina pleads David's case to Kay while David strikes a deal with Jill. He'll allow Jill and Kay to remain guardians of the baby's estate if they agree to drop the adoption protest. Silva informs his clients it's a weak bargain- David could always obtain a court order to control Little Phillip's estate.


Scott's talk about his love for Lauren sends shivers up Sheila's spine. Olivia confirms Sheila's predicament for Lauren and guesses that Scott is the father of the child. Secretly hoping Sheila suffers a miscarriage, Lauren stops by the hospital. She's discouraged to see Scott Keeping Vigil by Sheila's bedside.


Under orders from Cassandra, Mimi the flight attendant and witness to Cassie and Brad's marriage, tells Brad he was a willing participant in the ceremony. Upset that Brad won't make a commitment, Cassie forces his hand by leaking word of their marriage to the press.

John disapproves of Traci's desire to live with Brad. She plans on suggesting the arrangement to Brad as soon as he returns.

Back in Genoa City, Brad assures Victor that he'll try to bury the hatchet and continue on at Newman Enterprises. Victor's secretary interrupts the meeting to show them the newspaper article about Brad's Marriage.


Learning about the stunt Jill pulled with John on New Year's, Jack advises Jill to take a different tack. Win John's trust, not his body, Jack advises.

Rex asks Jill for suggestions on how to get Leanna to drop her guard and cozy up to him. Stop beating around the bush and act aggressive, Jill counsels. The direct approach backfires when a skittish Leanna cries rape.

Determined to find out what makes Leanna tick, Rex pushes his way onto her TV studio set and asks "Dear Leanna" for advice on getting his lady to bed. He's stunned by her confession. She's had meaningful sex with only one man, Leanna says- and it was Victor Newman.


Gina keeps Clint from hitting the road, falling into his arms when he professes his love. She'll find a way to hide him out, Gina vows.


Traci is more angry than hurt to learn that Brad and Cassie wed on a jaunt to Vegas, a trip Brad doesn't even remember. She smells a rat.

After a short separation, Brad decides to give his new marriage a whirl. Bags in hand, he moves into the Rawlins homestead. Paul takes the news of Cassie's marriage hard.


David tries to discourage Vivian's brother Marc, from investigating his sister's death. Marc is certain Vivian was the victim of foul play. Later, David finds himself in a tight spot when Diane asks him if he was married to Rebecca. He vehemently denies the connection.

Nina has a fit when she learns from Danny and Cricket that David never lived in Los Angeles, but holed up in an apartment across the street where he could spy on her. Slick David convinces her that his love for her kept him on a tight tether.


Nikki orders Miguel to keep silent about her increasing alcohol consumption, but Jack can't help but notice the empty liquor cabinet. Nikki assures him that she's not dependent on drink; she just needs temporary relief from her pain. Jack believes his wife is playing with fire, but compassion for his Nikki's plight impels him to give her some slack.


Sheila risks her life to save the baby she's carrying. Lauren sits outside Sheila's room, wondering if Scott will be free to return to her and the baby he doesn't know about.

After a visit to the chapel, Scott learns that the crisis has passed and mother and child are well.


Jill baits Brad about his career plans. Brad guesses she's after his job, and tells John that Jill has already spoken to Victor about becoming his assistant. John considers Jill's actions no less than insubordination. Jill pleads with Victor to keep their conversation from John.


Leanna confides in Victor when Rex presses her to sleep with him. After a chat with Newman, Leanna informs Rex that he'll have to make a commitment, or forgo familiarity.

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Gina keeps Clint from hitting the road, falling into his arms when he professes his love. She'll find a way to hide him out, Gina vows.

Wow I didn't realize that Clint was on the show into 1991, I thought Gina and Brock were coming together by this point.

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