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I thought Camille handled herself VERY well during the Reunion - so much so that she made people re-evaluate their assessment of her. When Andy asked her if she thought Kyle was jealous of her and she automatically said NO. It was a great moment for her. Kyle's comeback while absolutely true made her look evil, especially when Camille calmly countered it was catty. Keep in mind that when Andy asked her the same question with 'Live with Andy' the week before she said that she regretted that she kept saying she was jealous because she did not think it was so and she could not blame it on editing. Kyle's smugness throughout the entire interview didn't do her any favors. I don't believe that Camille was genuine but she appeared to be while discussing (women's) insecurities because of the divorce which made her look very sympathetic.

I have to reiterate that it's really unfortunate that Kim can't articulate her thoughts well because Taylor's insidious comments towards her was really tacky and when she gleefully whispered to Kyle about revealing her "true" state of mind and Kyle said nothing, how in the hell can she fault Kim for not defending her when she doesn't do the same?! Every time Taylor told Kim to "tread carefully" with an ominous tone I wondered how Kyle can just sit there and not utter one word in her defense.

If Camille renews for next season (and I'm now thinking that she will) Kyle will be the new villain feuding with Taylor and it would serve both bitches right.

Cheap, I also agree that Taylor's hair looked gorgeous. It was the best I've seen her look unlike Lisa, who looked overly made up and the gaudy jewelry did nothing for her appearance. She looked glamorously fake.

I love your post – almost nothing to add, I don't want to pull a SoapBoy94 in doing so.

Perhaps just these two tiny things: Lisa did look blah, I think the stockings did it. It was quite awful, indeed.

And as for Camille, I know. I'm careful in my change of direction. I do hope she returns and ends the divorce settlement quickly only to marry a billionaire right after it and move into a 50,000 sq. ft. house in Bel Air – real Bel Air – replete with 3 pools, 7 koi ponds, 57 bathrooms, 62 bedrooms and so on. :) LOL. It would make things a lot more fun. :)

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I wonder what the cast make up will be nest season. Wendy Williams had an interesting suggestion that they replace all of them bc there are too many fabulous and messy housewives in BH that they should let new blood. I dont completely agree with this but the show could stand to lose and replace some.

1. Camille. I really have no interest in seeing her come back. She was just vile and not in a fun way. I really dont care to see her be extra fake trying to redeem herself or show her trying tomove on post-Kelsey

2. Kim. She was a mess and it was cringeworthy watching her bc she was so awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera. Plus with her recent alcohol problems comin out, being in the spotlight may not be the best thnig for her.

3. Taylor. She had 2 main storylines, her feud with Kim and marriage. Her feud with Kim wasn entertaining as it made no sense and if she's gone, so is that story. I didnt like watching her and her husband. They both were very awkward and her business arrangement only highlighted how desperate and pathetic she really was.

4. Adrienne. I love her, dont get me wrong, but from a production standpoint, she didnt really add much. She stayed out of the drama and the only thing she had going for her was her playful bickering with her husband.

That leaves Kyle and Lisa. Kyle was a fantastic cast member as she got involved in the drama, was outspoken and brought alot to the table. Lisa wasnt scared to speak her mind and she had some of the more hilarious commentary. Both are keepers. The Adrienne fan in me says keep her as well.

Im torn whether Id want to see Faye back as a full housewife or not. One hand she is kinda trashy and messy, but that can be good and fun to watch. I think she is the one that stood out the most as a "friend" to one of the housewives that I could see myself having interest in

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What a finale!

I can't believe Peter came to his wedding wasted. How trashy! I also can't believe Cynthia's mother and sister tried to sabotage the wedding by hiding the license! LOL - I felt so bad for them. Cynthia and Peter won't last long... no one seems happy!

I loved Sheree this season, even though she didn't do much. I also really fell in love with Phaedra. Tonight you could tell she loved her baby.

I'm so over Kim.

I'm a bit frustrated with the way this season progressed. I felt like these great stories were told in the first half, and then BAM, they were dropped... until this finale where they were all re-visited and tied up with a little bow. I would have rather seen more of NeNe's story with her son and husband... or Sheree's acting... or Phadrea's struggles as a mother in those 8 weeks before going back to work... instead we got WAY too much of the Kim/Kandi tour in the last half of the season.

Reunion looks good though! Too bad Kim is pregnant - she can't get her ass kicked. JK JK

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What a finale!

I can't believe Peter came to his wedding wasted. How trashy! I also can't believe Cynthia's mother and sister tried to sabotage the wedding by hiding the license! LOL - I felt so bad for them. Cynthia and Peter won't last long... no one seems happy!

I know he ordered a drink, but I doubt he was wasted. As far as their marriage lasting long, who knows? You can't tell by what was seen on TV. I wish them nothing but happiness.

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I know he ordered a drink, but I doubt he was wasted. As far as their marriage lasting long, who knows? You can't tell by what was seen on TV. I wish them nothing but happiness.

He was stumbling and slurring his words, and I thought he even said he was drunk... and then someone had to hold him up and deny him another drink...

I wish them the best too - but I just can't see it unless Peter's latest venture is successful.

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What a weak finale. I cant beleive they wasted it on Cynthia's BORING as wedding. Honestly they could have ended the season on last week's explosive episode.

Cynthia's dress was gorgeous! I loved it and she made for a beautiful bride. Her daughter is adorable as well.

Im glad Kandi put her foot down on Kim and the single. Kim is so clueless about the business to not think she owes Kandi for producing and writing the song.

I really wish Phaedra hadnt matured by the end of the season. I preferred her when she was over the top and saying dumb stuff early on.

I thought Sheree's acting was good, to the point where I actually want to see her on screen now. She seems like the typical star you'd see in a Tyler Perry film. LMAO at Lovita giving her a hard time...lol

I was wondering what was up with Nene's marriage bc that storyline seemed to disappear. Glad to see them go back to it. Brice looks so much better wtih his hair cut. He's still a bum though

Kim is pregnant https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/uploads/emoticons/default_ohmy.png Id the Football playa with the fierce butt the Daddy?

where have you been....lol. That news was let out a couple of months ago.

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if Camille Grammer wasnt so transparent, this spin might work. She has an amazing team behind her.

Which is why you have to enjoy the show her team assembles.

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Kim was on Wendy and she said she felt Cynthia only got married to stay on the show bc she's so boring herself. Ouch! I cant blieve she'd sling mud at Cynthia like that especially since there didnt seem to be any drama between them. I wonder if something will come up at the reunion

I loved on teh show when Phaedra said "Some people in Atlanta love to front and act like they have money when they are really in foreclosure and bankruptcy. It really doesnt surprise me that Cynthia was able to pull off this million dollar wedding with 50 cents" LOL

I was also shocked to hear Cynthia was 43. She looks good for her age bc she looks like she's in her mid 30s

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Oldies, but goodies:

I go to a wealthy private school in L.A., and with few exceptions, no one has houses as tasteless as those, and I am sure most are more wealthy then the people on the show. These shows portray a completely unrealistic picture of upper class L.A. life. Most people are very nice, and not at all like those people shown on the television. I know this probably goes without saying, but it is true.

Holders of substantial wealth would never allow themselves to be shown/discussed/trashed in public this way. They are extremely private people. The women in this show obviously are wanna-be attention whores who are looking for an angle to get a better husband, a better car or money

People with real wealth don't flaunt it on trashy tv shows.

@Geotpf: Nope. The truly wealthy are very careful to remain below the radar. Bob Lee is right, the only women who would do this want some kind of advancement out of it

I do believe that in general, truly wealthy with a modicum of class don't go on these shows. Paris Hilton has been a businesswoman even tho she's vapid like many of the noveau riche douches out there...

i don't begrudge the wealth, just the lack of class in extent to which it's flaunted on thes reality shows.

Courtesy of Curbed LA. :)

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For those who miss the NYC girls, or need to catch up before Season 4 starts on 2/15... they are playing the entire Season 1 on Bravo all day today. Next Tuesday, they will play the entire Season 2! So I'm guessing all day on 2/15 they will play Season 3 just before the S4 premiere.

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I thought the ATL finale had a perfect ending. If the series ended tomorrow, I would have to say it ended on a perfect note because everyone was basically happy.

Nene's played herself out and it seems like whatever con she had going with Greg has dried up. How they are not living on skid row I'll never understand. Her son is an utter disaster...but there she stands, still rocking her red dress, still loud and brash and in charge. Nene is about as deep as a wading pool and so she is satisfied with things as they are and that's great, I wish her well and I hope she returns to the show. She will pull a David Caruso (without the CSI Miami comeback) if she leaves, it sounds like she comes off HORRIBLY on Celebrity Apprentice.

Cynthia is doomed with Peter, but she was happy at the time. They will be divorced in under 5 years. Done. No question about it. Her dress was dramatic. The wedding was...half baked. Cynthia is just so boring outside of her crap with Peter.

Kandi was also dull, but I will give her this, she's not a hater. She is very fair and very calm and businesslike. Also, she's a fabulous dancer, so precise at the wedding. Her mom seems like a lot of fun too.

Sheree came off wonderfully this season, she just became so totally likeable this year. I am really starting to think that her divorce stressed the HELL out of her and that this season was the first we got to see "post divorce" Sheree. She was happy, centred, secure. Her acting isn't bad, she's be great on a primetime soap as a nasty lawyer. You go Sheree!

Phaedra was a breath of fresh air this season. A breath of hilarious air I should say. She was hilarious from the first episode to the last. Just amazing. I loved how she worked her life: balance between career and family. Really a fabulous dame who clearly grew to love her baby. You go girl!

Kim was Kim and I find her funny. I burst out laughing when she brought the bottle of wine to Cynthia's wedding, explaining "Do you really think she'd have good wine with the way she was freaking out about not having a honeymoon? C'MON!" <-----line of the year as far as I'm concerned.

Ultimately, I find the "epilogue" clips at the end the most interesting, the music was a little melancholy, just beautifully produced. Can't wait for the reunion!

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