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B&B: Week of June 15th...

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No, the "anyone" won't cut it. There are way too many show killers in your list.

I think the first question is, what should the show become? I'm in the minority on this one, because I want it to be a mini-Y&R. And it's not gonna be that. Moreover, if it couldn't become that with Alden and Smith on the team and Shaughnessy sometimes directing and half the Y&R cast on it...that is not its' destiny.

What should it be? That really opens the door to "Who should write it"?

In my scenario, something devastating would create two remaining axes on the show: Brooke and Katie vs. Stephanie and Felicia. Everyone else would be gone. Except maybe Bridget.

I'd do what Bill Bell did in the early 80s, which is to take the show from Forrester-Logans to something like new Family X and new Family Y. If it were me, one of those families would be the Bakers (Lt. Baker's family)...working class...live in the Valley...but with some sons and daughters with a REAL eye for fashion. I'd go back to the initial dynamics of striving vs. established wealth from the start of the show. If

is any good (I can't believe I'm typing this), maybe she could anchor the other family, and serve as the "Stephanie" of the next generation. I'd somehow link the above folks with these new families (maybe

assumes control over Forrester after Eric dies, while Brooke is the matriarch of Spectra when the dust settles).

This isn't my skill. But I really think the first thing to do is establish the vision of the show. For me, just as Y&R was Brooks and Fosters, and later became Williams and Abbotts (before Newmans), or B&B started with Logans and Forresters, I think building a new base of haves and have-nots is essential. That preserves the theme of the show, but breaks us out of this repetitive incest.

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I tried really hard to watch some B&B today and I ended up fast-forwarding EVERYTHING except the gameshow scenes.

My thoughts:

Rick and Steffy --> DISASTER

This should never happened. Kyle Lowder's Rick is not SexyToddSick, he reminds me of Eban Japes on Loving. Steffy is the most stupid person in L.A.

Stephanie in her PJ's telling Brooke that she can't be with Ridge. How original. Ridge and Brooke are way too old for the meddling mother storyline.

Ronn Moss can't act. We all know that. Either recast the part with a real actor, or get rid of the character. Please kill Ridge and have Stephanie and Brooke blame each other ala Jill and Kay.

B&B pretends that nobody is getting older. Thorne and Felicia want their parents back together, same for Thomas and Steffy, Stephanie treats Ridge and Brooke like teenagers, this is insane! Just because Brad Bell never managed to create an interesting character in all these years, we have to pretend that time has stopped and that the same dynamic ten or twenty years ago still does. Nobody grew up as a character, they all became crazier. This is really sad.

Brooke, my favorite character since 1987 has given birth to her son-in-law's baby, has married Ridge thousands of times -for some reasons none of the marriages were valid-, has forgotten that she was a chemist, a businesswoman, a mother and is having the same discussion about Ridge EVERY DAY for the last twenty years.

I love SF but I can't stand watching the aristocratic matriarch and owner of a fashion house looking like this. Perhaps they should recast Eric with Richard Simmons and explain that they got married because they were afraid to tell their parents they are gay.

Y&R, the number one soap takes adopts characters from this mess???

Morgan Fairchild/Lauren Koslow/Joan Collins is not the way to save this show. Marcia Cross in a one-day stint as Kimberly Shaw is. With her bomb of course.

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I tried to erase parts of your post, but I love every word.

I did the EXACT SAME fast forwarding you did! I ONLY watched that bloody Price is Right :).

And I feel you earned "Line of the Day"

Did you see Stephanie's Mao Tse Tung outfit yesterday??

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Oh, dear Lord, not another wacko... :rolleyes: Especially not the awful Cross as the annoying and forgotten Kimberly... Thank God she is apart of another show so her introduction would be a hell for lawyers and thus impossible.

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