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Written by

Chip Hayes

Directed by

Michael V. Pomerico


Annie, Aidan, Adam, Erica, Colby, Tad, JR, Zach, Kendall, Ryan, Reese, et al.


A. Annie Room: DPU: Annie introduces Aidan to an invisible Tori. Aidan tells Annie that Tori wasn't there. She doesn't exist.

B. Erica Ugly Ass Casino Room: DPU: Adam and Erica kiss. She pulls away. Why he isn't in the hospital.]? It's not safe, the police are looking for him. Adam wants to know what Erica's told them -- and what about his family?

C. Chandler Mansion: DPU: Colby panicks after the police tell them about car crash. No sign of Adam. JR says it's possible Adam wasn't driving at all, and it could've been some teenagers joy riding. Just then, JR gets a phone call.

D. Hospital: DPU: Zach and Kendall watch as Ian's wheeled away to surgery. Kendall sees Ryan and he turns away. Zach and Kendall go back into Ian's room. Kendall says he'll come home. Kendall leaves Zach with Ian's teddy bear. Kendall goes into the waiting room to see Ryan. She's glad he came. Ryan said Spike made the card for Ian and Emma said he had to get it there right away. Kendall reads it and tears up. Reese comes in, and Kendall immediately asks what the hell she's doing there.


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Pratt has finally written Erica as Erica. Good for him. I am really glad to see the REAL Erica back.

I thought the David/Krystal scenes were good.

This Colby is just horrible and needs to be RECASTED ASAP! :angry:

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AMC rarely ever impresses me two episodes in a row. Today was a downer from Friday, but I have seen worse downer episodes.

There was something off about Erica and Adam's scenes during the first half of the show, but I felt the scenes picked up during the last half. I think what was probably off is it felt a little too dramatic and less Erica and Adam. Their last scene together was great.

There's this really good unapologetic villain vibe coming off Ryan (and his writing) at times. It would be a good something to stick with. Maybe that's me taking Friday along with his "bitch" comment today as more than it was. Men calling women names like that seems to be getting more and more normal on the show and may only be ways of telling us how "good and strong" these men are.

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Yes, indeedy. She needs to be a Chandler. Recast Colby, I think Moncrief's had enough time, though I think she's really trying.

Today was okay, kind of like Angela said. Show's pretty good, just not as good as Friday. Maybe not as much story progression?

I, too just wish they'd go all out and make Ryan a villain, since he's already such a colossal bitch himself. I got that vibe too. We're on the same wavelength today.

The Adam-Erica stuff was good but seemed kind of early to have Junior, Tad and Colby all knowing about Adam.

David and Krystal scenes were very good. Felt like old style David again for me today and Bobbie did a very nice job with Krystal trying to instill some confidence in David. Dr. ISaveLives! is really back and saving Kanes all over PV.

I'm liking JY as JR lately and I don't always.

Nobody's talked about Annie and Aiden much I've noticed. I'm getting bored with the story and I like them.

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Is it really that bad for you?

I think so because I barely remember how that kid looks. Actually I don't remember how she looks at all.

I don't know how they can put a spark back into that and they're on a five day week. The curse of Aidan, lol. If they had waited for them to have sex their could have been build up to that and all.

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