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Crap! I forgot to delete. It's screenwriting jargon for direct pick up, meaning that the scene is picking up immediately from where it left off in the scene/episode prior. I put it in there to remind myself since I type in shorthand while watching the prologue live. I clearly rushed since I didn't even say:


Anyway, as an aside, y'all are on your own to get the discussion started for the rest of the week. It's Holy Week. I'm going to be out and about singing with my choir straight through to Sunday. I'll probably be as hoarse as Ryan by Good Friday, but hey. It is what it is.

Moving on: Kendall, shut the hell up, already. You're the one who's been riding three different penises during the last 18 months of your marriage. Even your mother was civilized to Krystal when she offered her sympathies... and she obsconded with your sister's baby for close to a year. All of this bitterness over a damn drunken kiss is, as we say, EXTRA!

Darnell... are you serious? No, I mean, SERIOUSLY! Are you SERIOUS with this hammy acting?

Are we sure Rebecca Taylor didn't write this episode and Chip Hayes wrote Friday's? Because the dialogue went absolutely nowhere -- and filled with Redundancies in the scenes with Aidan and the doctor.

Doctor: Tell me everything. I need to know everything.

Aidan: Because you need to report what you learn to DA, right?

Doctor: Yes. Now do you remember what she said?

Aidan: Not really.

Doctor: Please try, because it's important that I know.

Aidan: So that way, you can go to the DA and tell him what she said.

Doctor: Exactly. So do you recall who Tori is?

Aidan: Can't say that I do.

Doctor: From this point forward, if she mentions Tori again, please let me know immediately.

Aidan: Right, since the DA needs to know.

GROAN! :rolleyes:

And the randomness of Petey assuming that since Colby called to meet him in the park, she clearly needed his help to bury a dead body. Made NO sense at all.

But I do love how he was getting ready to use Tad's shovel. I wonder if it's the same shovel he used to bury Madden alive in the park.

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I really enjoyed today for two reasons.

1. David continues to be halfway humanized..... this whole Ian thing was a plot device for Zach and Kendall, but also it was a positive plot device for David. It got him off the whole custody thing and actually allowed the layers of his complex character to show through. It helped to have Erica there to help it along because she is the only one left in Pine Valley who truly understands who David is. Again, Pratt proves how much he is interested in their history and I think its great he is reminding us of that without romantically involving them again. Great development there. I hope this half way continues.... hopefully him almost beating Krystal was the peak and now he will somewhat settle down.

2. Adam and Erica....... these two just get each other.... the actors are so seasoned they know what to do to make the other fall in sync with them. Its just so wonderful to see. Susan and David are just giving it all they've got. I am so glad Pratt has brought them back to the forefront....

Reese's presence albeit forced, was kind of welcome for me. I loved seeing her stand up to Ryan. She won the battle....

Annie's storyline meh.... I just want it to get moving. Hopefully it does soon, spoilers suggest it will.

And yeah, why is J.R's ass crazy? Don't understand what you mean.

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