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J. J. Abrams expands Paramount deal


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J. J. Abrams expands Paramount deal

Bad Robot's first-look deal re-upped through 2013

By Jay A. Fernandez

Paramount and J.J. Abrams are renewing their vows.

The Melrose studio has extended its first-look deal with Abrams' Bad Robot Prods., run by Abrams and producer Bryan Burk, through 2013. The arrangement was first consummated in July 2006.

"Bad Robot has had an incredibly fun and productive collaboration with Paramount," said Abrams. "We are all so grateful for their amazing support and creative team, and feel like we're just getting started."

"Today's announcement is meaningful to me in many ways," said Brad Grey, chairman and CEO, Paramount Pictures. "Bad Robot was one of the first deals we made to help rebuild the studio. J.J. has since become part of the fabric of Paramount and we look forward to continuing our fruitful creative collaboration for many years to come."

Bad Robot and Paramount first released "Cloverfield," which grossed $170 million worldwide, in January 2008. The Abrams-directed "Star Trek" reboot goes out through Paramount in May.

The two companies begin production on the Aline Brosh McKenna-penned comedy "Morning Glory" in June. Roger Michell is directing Harrison Ford and Rahcel McAdams in the 2010 release.

Bad Robot, formed in 2001, is also behind the TV series "Fringe," "Lost" and "Alias."


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