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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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Thanks to Betty at SOC:

Pratt sees Ryan as ultimately "a good guy, a white knight" but doesn't like him doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, or vacillating between women. Pratt will make Ryan more of a man of action.

Pratt sees David as a great villain...Pratt sees great potential w/in the Martin family, & loves Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake). Pratt plans to utilize MEK (Tad) as well.

Amanda tries to get JR to fall off the wagon...David reminds Erica that she's in his debt...

Bianca suspects that Reese is lying...David lures Tad out of PV...Zach wants David to perform a miracle for Kendall...

SOD loves the Jake/Taylor/Brot chemistry, but feels that Taylor's feelings for Jake, who had just broken up w/ Amanda, were rushed.

SOD chose the Ailee breakup as the worst breakup. What does a show do when they strike gold w/ a pairing (Aidan/Greens)? AMC chose to deny viewers a proper wedding, & to have Greens, in the blink of an eye, choose a relationship w/ Ryan (whose been in love w/ every woman BUT his wife this past year) over her healthy relationship w/ Aidan. SOD notes that their mail is overwhelmingly in the Ailee corner.

Best recast - Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake)...worst return - Cady McClain (Dixie)...best heroine - Susan Lucci (Erica)...best wedding - Angie & Jesse (Debbi Morgan/Darnell Willaims)...

A viewer says that the Jack/Erica scenes during the 10,000th episode give hope that they will reunite...a viewer thinks that a David/Krystal/Adam triangle could be hot...

LOL says Pratt, but yet he's been writing Ryan exactly like that :rolleyes:

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