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It is being reported that Eileen Herlie has died

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According the one of the moderators at Thorsten Kaye's board Thorsten has contacted the people that run that board, and let them know that Eileen Herlie has passed away. This is very sad news and Eileen was a wonderful actress. I loved Mrytle and I will miss Eileen and her portrayal of her.

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This is so sad.

From her first appearance on AMC to her last she gave every scene her all. Especially over the last 10 years, every single scene she was in was a gem. Even in her frail state she still managed to out-act those around her, even if she only had a couple of lines.

All My Children and its viewers were so lucky to have her. The show will not be the same without her, and that says alot given that she was barely on anymore.


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RIP sweet Ms. Herlie. I will miss you so much, from those lovely eyelashes to that lovely red hair that matched Myrtle Lum Fargate's fiery spunk.

I agree with All My Shadows, this is a strange feet in daytime today where the character is still so deeply involved with the current canvas. Eileen was featured so much until very recently. I loved her growing friendship with Zach. It added more layers to Myrtle, showing that the character still had a lot of potential.

I think Eileen was placed at such an interesting place on the canvas as a result of her being the proverbial "inn-keeper" of Pine Valley. So many character had spent some time living in the Boarding House. In a way, so many of Pine Valley's citizens were lucky enough to be all her children. Her passing will truly affect much of the current cast.

I hope the show handles Eileen's passing with the respect it deserves. I hope that this is a true memorial episode, one for the archives (ala Fra Heflins). Tptb better be on the phone securing Francesca James, Peter White, Robin Christopher and Linda Dano for cameos.

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