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Passions Red: The Captive

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Chapter 12

Otto calls back Alistair and assures him he has nothing to worry about, the woman is dead. Alistair is skeptical because who else would know about the red roses? Otto suggests perhaps Sheridan is the one playing tricks, but Alistair laughs off the idea. The eavesdropping mystery woman grows angry as Alistair reveals he has his daughter's loved one locked up. Alistair then hears a noise and goes to investigate. He's unnerved to find a large cut in the wall...

and a very good Chapter 13:

Chapter 13

Tabitha and Endora spy on the mystery woman as she grouses about the Cranes. Tabitha informs her daughter that the woman will unknowingly bring much suffering to Harmony. The witch anticipates reaping the full rewards of the curse she placed on the Cranes over 300 years ago. However, Tabitha is startled when the woman appears to have overheard her. Has she figured out Tabby's a witch?

Passions Red continues to be so much better than the actual show... I wonder if JER writes Red or if someone else does :lol:

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