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Spoilers and details about Y&R shooting in France!


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Hi,I'm french (and new,and I love read SON and particularly the exclusive informations about directors and writers :P ).Here in France,there are a few articles about the shooting and the promotion.

I will try to summarize the articles and tell you about the first day of the team of Y&R in Paris.

The actors will be very busy this week.A press conference,interviews on the Tv on radio(I will try to give you authorized link about this.Tomorrow,the actors will give a interview on TV and the emission is legaly online .I will tell you everything!)

So,this morning,there was the press conference.The actors were late but this is a detail.

Michelle Stafford,Sharon Case,Joshua Morrow,Eilleen Davidson and Eric Braeden responded to the questions of french journalists.The french guest star the footballer David Ginola and the singer Lorie were there and they honestly said they weren't really fan but they find Y&R is a mytical show and they're proud to play characters in Y&R

Eric Braeden was a sort of the leader of the team,he spoke a little in french (a very beautiful french,not the "Bonjour" and "Mon cheri" of Sabrina :D ).He talked about his character The Great Victor Newman,his passion for Paris,and his support to the democrat Barack Obama.

We know more about the storyline in Paris.

Victor Newman will go to Paris because he wants to find serenity and tranquility.And of course,Nikki,as usual,is worried for him and decided to ask help to her ex rival Ashley Abott (she must be very desperate :lol: ).

Ashley will go to Paris to support his ex husband.And they will be very close.

Nick will do the same thing,and will try to find Victor in Paris!

If I understood,Noah will be in holiday and Sharon will follow his ex husband in Paris,the town of love!

And,to finish,Phyllis will direct a photo shoot for Restless Style in Paris.Lorie,a french singer,will play the model and the footballer David Ginola,a photograph.

And a rumor of a fan who met the actors tells Phyllis will have an affair with him :lol:

The airdate of these episode is the week of 6th November! :)

The official link of TF1 (the channel broadcasting Y&R in France)


And an other article:


If you want to read these articles,Google Translations are very good

A video with Eric Braeden speaking french (after,an interview of french singer Lorie)


"We're here because we shoot scenes in Paris.Victor Newman is heartbroken.He was involved in a tragical love story.He lost his wife"

Monday and Tuesday are for the promotion,and the rest of the week,for the shooting ;)

I apologize for my not very well english

I will try to put recaps about others articles or put french videos ;)

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I think Nick and Phyllis can battle back from this! He can understand and forgive her insecurities, and thereby heal her broken, self-loathing heart.

So, the US episodes in Paris will air Nov 6-13. Just a year and 2 weeks after "Out of the Ashes".

I love this thread. It is fun. I love that it shows SON's international reach! Thank you, Nico!

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I don't want them to, their relationship was set up horribly and Latham never developed them properly, which killed them for me. Phyllis is far too complex of a character for frat boy Nick, they're so mundane together that it's beyond the point of redemption for me.

Nick and Phyllis are like a soda that's lost all of its fizz, it's just flat and not satisfying. And no matter how much you like soda, it just isn't the same without the fizz.

Some might find Nick and Sharon boring and annoying, but at least they have a rich and complex history together. Bill Bell spent his last years on the show pouring his all into them, I got the sense he wanted them to be his furture "stable couple." Granted, a couple that cheated and betrayed one another time and time again, but always found their way back to one another. They might be "boring," but every soap needs a future couple with that long of a history. Phyllis and Nick just don't cut it, and they were botched from the start.

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See, I come at that from a different perspective. Nick was emotionally dead after Cassie's death. That was his fault, but he closed himself off. It was Phyllis who brought him back to life.

Now, you raise the qeustion of whether this was meant to be a long-term relationship?

I think not. It seems clear (to me) that Nick and Sharon were always the end game. THAT SAID, Morrow and Stafford had far more incendiary chemistry than many of us expected. In addition, Phyllis seems to have been a part of the maturation of Nick...at least during LML...that was unexpected and fulfilling.

There is no doubt in my mind that Nick and Phyllis will not last. But what would be fascinating is NOT to rush this. I'd like to see the recent Restless Style letter be the BEGINNING of Nick's growing disappointment with Phyllis. But he is fickle if he quickly abandons her. This disillusionment arc should take--seriously--2 to 3 years...while Sharon flits to other partners (Billy!). Nick and Sharon are the LONG RANGE couple, but I hate rushing it.

I categorically do not agree Nick is still a frat boy. Since Cassie's death and his marital dissolution, he has been an authentic, moral man...straight talker...solid leader. Phyllis may not get credit for that, but it is coincident with their relationship.

Indeed, I feel that with Maria Bells' writing, the devolution of Nick has been the saddest consequence (and one of the few negatives). Suddenly, he was relying on his trust fund again, seeking his daddy's approval again. Gone was the pillar who built shelves with Victor and supported him through epilepsy. That Nick was much more than a frat boy.

I think the end game is a flat soda. But I'd say we still have 3/4 fizz left. Indeed, like "I Dream of Jeannie", I'd like to see a few years of Phyllis' capers SLOWLY pop Nick's bubbles.

I totally totally agree they are the end game. It is all in our patience to take the journey. When they finally come together, it has to be FOREVER and hard won. At that point, as a couple, the reality is they are put out to pasture. We don't want to see any more repeated cycles of breakup. Since happy marriages are the kiss of death, I'd like to see the yearning and separation between Nick and Sharon build slowly, but take at least another 5-10 years to culminate in any meaningful way. Keep Nick and Sharon in one another's orbit, tease us with growing closeness, even as Nick struggles for years with his growing disappointment with Phyllis (tempered by his hot passion for her), and Sharon flits from man to man...always seeking but never finding her true love--Nick.

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