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The Nelson Ratings -- September 8, 2008

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I rarely agree (ok almost never -- well actually this is a first) with Nelson, but I admit he's not too far off the mark this time, although I smirk ^_^ (smirk I tell ya!) at his refusal to recognize Gigi and Tess's roles in the destruction of OLTL. And his continuing adoration of FF, who although I like her and think she's a capable actress, has pitched a tent as far as the campy mess that is OLTL right now.

The Nelson Ratings: September 8, 2008

BY Nelson Branco

This week’s reviews, top-rated actors, and next week’s viewing cheat-sheet!

AWARDS CENTRAL: Mid-year handicapping!

2009 Daytime Emmy Awards Countdown — Younger actress

Last year, this category was a joke. If history repeats itself, then most of the press will write this whole race off in the future. Example? Don’t be too surprised if Bryton (Devon, The Young and the Restless) shows up in this category.

Alexa Gerasimovich (Kathy, All My Children)

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, The Bold and the Beautiful)

Kirsten Storms (Maxie, General Hospital)

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu, GH)

Farah Fath (Gigi/Emma, One Life to Live)

Kristen Alderson (Starr, OLTL)

Brittany Underwood (Langston, OLTL)

Wild Cards: Anyone who isn’t talented. And you know who they are.


Summarizing the good, the bad and the ugly on soaps this past week!

Remote Control will return next week after I finish covering The 33rd Annual Toronto International Film Festival (let me add, it’s been a nice break from soap viewing — there are no rapists and rape victims falling in love because of a convenient case of “amnesia”, that’s for sure). If you’re a film buff, click on to tiffinsider.ca for all the dish and scoop from the world’s second-best movie festival.


Can’t watch all the soaps this week? No worries — here’s a cheat sheet!

Top Show to Watch:

1. The Young and the Restless, CBS/Global

Top 3 Shows to Avoid Like a Lindsay-Lohan Rash!

1. One Life to Live, ABC/A

2. The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS/CTV

3. General Hospital, ABC/CTV

Top 3 Storylines to Watch This Week:

1. Y&R’s Victor versus Jack!

2. Guiding Light’s Reva is preggers — lock up your sperm!

3. Y&R’s Nick/Sharon/Jack

Top 3 Storylines to Avoid Like a Vice-Presidential Scandal:

1. Ron Carlivati destroys Michael Malone’s Emmy-winning Todd-Marty rape storyline on OLTL

2. Ron Carlivati ruins Andrea Evans’ historic OLTL comeback as Tina Crane

3. Ron Carlivati buries OLTL — period.

Top 3 Actresses to Watch:

1. Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, Y&R)

2. Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R)

3. Alexa Gerasimovich (Kathy, AMC)

—tie — Julie Pinson (Janet, As The World Turns)

Top 3 Actors to Watch:

1. Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R)

2. A Martinez (Ray, OLTL)

3. Bradley Cole (Jeffrey, GL)

— tie — Daniel Goddard (Cane, Y&R)

Top 3 Super-Duos to Watch:

1 Nikki and Victor, Y&R

2. Reva and Jeffrey, GL

3. Holden and Lily, ATWT

— tie — Jack and Carly, ATWT

Top 3 Duos to Avoid Like The Plague:

1. Nick and Katie, B&B

— tie— Cristian and Sarah, OLTL

2. Ali and Aaron, ATWT

3. Ali and Chris, ATWT

Top 3 Soap Blogs:

1. Tom Casiello’s Wikiality in the Soap World

2. Tom Casiello’s Soap Art

3. Sara A. Bibel: Palin’s straight out of a soap opera

Top 3 Soap Moments To Watch:

1. Wednesday: B&B’s Rick starts the Fourth World War when Brooke and Taylor re-ignite their feud. With co-head writer Kay Alden at the helm there’s no doubt it will surely bore the crap out of us all, but let’s see what ingenious plot twist the “Emmy winner” comes up with now.

2. Tuesday: On Y&R, Neil and J.T. tell Brad: don’t let the door hit you on the way out, buddy! But don’t worry, Brad — Olivia is coming back, so you’ll get some booty soon.

3.Tuesday: Rex to Shane: You’re not happy to see me? Tune into OLTL if you want to see a show destroy itself in slow motion.

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Wow. The tide is turning very fast on Ron. :( He was a savior a few months back....

One thing that I don't understand - what's up with his fascination of Reva being pregnant? Or Bradley Cole on his list for actors to watch??? :wacko::wacko: On those two points, IMO, he's way off track.

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Ron Carlivati was basically getting praise for not being Dena Higley, and was able to ride that wave until the strike. Much like B&E got praise for not being McTavish when CRASH happened on AMC -- but with them, their wave was more like a ripple and the praise died out by September.

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A few months ago, Nelson was ready to drink Ron's bath water and now he's doing enough trash talk to put Sarah Palin to shame.

That's is my problem with Nelson he so full of hyperbole and extremes it leaves him with no credibility. Goodness knows I have no good feelings towards RC but Nelson sounds less like a journalist and more like a jilted (wannabe) lover.

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Nelson has never been objective. Even I, a huge RC supporter, thought his "RC saves" attitude early on was way too much and way too overbearing. I allowed room for error. But Nelson is always hyperbolic and histrionic; he's easily the worst soap journalist I've seen aside from Hinsey. I think while some of his attacks on the current state of the show have some merit given viewer discontent, it's not nearly as bad as he'd like to claim. I think he's still fueled by his "snub" over the anniversary celebration and he's channeling that into his latest revenge screed. "How dare they not invite me? I'm Nelson Branco!" It's more about him and less about how he feels about OLTL. That's always been his problem as a so-called journalist; he makes the strife at CBS all about him too.

And no, for the eightieth time, RC did not only get props for not being Dena Higley.

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They didn't invite him to that 40th anniversary and he's butt hurt about it....It doesn't make what he's saying less true, just more inclined to be honest. He was kissing butt because he wanted to be the new in source to ABC and all they've been feeding him are interviews with Michael Easton.

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OK, Ron's not working out because it seems like he doesn't know how to DEVELOP story. He just knows how to tie them up and ship them out. Someone help him out, please? Because his ability to climax and resolve issues are amazing. But his exposition needs an ishload of work.

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The executions were a hell of a lot more satisfying, though. Throughout May sweeps, every second of OLTL was like, "What the hell is gonna happen next?" I suppose another the reason why he's been lost in a labyrinth of bad storylines this summer is because he used up all the good ones during May sweeps.

Now, we're stuck with all these stories in their inception with nothing exciting happening for at least another month. What happened to people figuring out good pacing and editing? I mean, yeah, they've all been pretty much bad (with the slight exception of Todd and Marty and Dorian and Clint because they seem to have a morsel of potential), but why not spread out bad stories so they all don't end and start up at the same time?

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