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The Suds Report for September 5, 2008


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Is Steve Burton leaving ‘GH’? Kim Zimmer jumping to ‘OLTL’? Plus: Are Andrea Evans and Sarah Brown bolting? Hurray — ‘DAYS’ actress out! Also: OMG! Stefano proposes to Kate! ‘ATWT’ welcomes Fiona Hutchison!


“I'm finally on a workout kick and now I'm going to be pregnant?”

—GL’s Kim Zimmer (Reva) complains in Soap Opera Digest on the revelation that Reva is preggers despite experiencing premature menopause a few years back.

Translation: It was my idea. And hey, GL will just ship the new kid off to Europe anyway, so let me win another Emmy, dammit!

“It’s more of a layered character.”

—Former AMC baddie, Billy Miller on playing Billy Abbott on Y&R in the pages of Soap Opera Weekly.

Translation: Those ABC hacks have no clue about writing good soap.

“It was a very homoerotic moment.”

—GL’s Bradley Cole (Jeffrey) notes to Soap Opera Weekly regarding his recent on-screen fight scene with Robert Newman (Josh).

Translation: Kim Zimmer (Reva, GL) turns everyone gay.

“They don’t have much money. It’s not me who’s saying no. I don’t know why, but no, they’re not asking.”

—Genie Francis in Soaps In Depth regarding a possible long-term gig on GH.

Translation: Bob Guza didn’t create my character, and Laura’s not in the mob.

All My Children, A/ABC — Why Tomlin turned down AMC; Will Palmer die?

• Is AMC’s gain DAYS’ loss? Or the other way around? According to high-profile sources at the alphabet network, DAYS’ new co-executive producer Gary Tomlin was offered the head-writing gig on AMC “to reward him for all his efforts during the writers’ strike at One Life to Live, but he turned it down.” Why? Tomlin didn’t think AMC could be saved. Ouch. And DAYS can?

• As previously reported, AMC is preparing itself to weather a tornado this October. The stunt event will officially usher in head writer Chuck “Prime Time” Pratt Jr. into his official new post. Rumours suggest Myrtle and Dre are the likely victims, however, don’t be surprised if the victims turn out to be Babe, and Palmer! “James Mitchell [Palmer] is ill — and it’s no secret he wants to retire,” says a network source. “Jill Larson [Opal] is always visiting him.” As one of the best actors to grace this medium, it’d be shame to lose Mitchell now that his sexy on-screen son's back in Pine Iraq. Infectious newcomer Daniel Kennedy (Pete) is going to be a big star.

• This is hilarious yet very apropos: During the Republican Convention, AMC will be offering free access to their episodes for its red-state attendees. Um, aren’t Republicans suffering enough right now?

• Walt Willey (Jackson) subjected his real-life son, Chance, 9, to life in Pine Iraq by bringing him to the set recently to work as an extra.

• Will Chrishell Strause (Amanda) make TV Guide.ca’s Most Improved Actor list? From the looks of it, hell, yeah! I can’t believe I’m beginning to look forward to her scenes as Gus Aitoro-Martin’s super-cute new love interest.

As The World Turns, Global/CBS — Hutchison rejoins ATWT!

• Is this why Nuke isn’t on the show anymore? This week, those geniuses at ATWT are telling their climatic version of a “love triangle” consisting three of the most boring people on the planet: Chris/Alison/Aaron. So what’s the latest crime against the soap opera medium? Alison bangs Chris before her wedding to that idiot Aaron. Zzzz… Why don’t think they just thrown in Cailtlin Van Zandt (Ashlee, GL) into the mix, already!

• This just in: mushroom hunting is the new ratings strategy P&G has come up with. Seriously.

• A suspicious casting call has gone out for Josie, a rumoured recast of Lucy. With Grayson McCouch (Dusty) back on Sept. 24, the online world is abuzz that Lucy may be Oakdale-bound.

• OLTL’s loss is ATWT’s gain. Or is it the other way around? One of my favourite actresses Fiona Hutchison (ex-Gabrielle, OLTL; ex-Jenna, GL; ex-Celia, ATWT) is interning over at the CBS soap under executive producer Chris Goutman. Expect a lot of open, large fields in Hutchison’s future. She says, “I love actors and I am so looking forward to it. I never want to stop acting, though. I'd love to do another soap. I'm happy to be returning some way."

The Bold and the Beautiful, CTV/CBS — This just in…

• Yep, the show still sucks. In another instalment of How To Ruin A Soap Opera in Six Months or Less, the Forrester family gets the miracle they’ve been praying for. Like a talented co-head writer.

Days of our Lives, GLOBAL/NBC — Scott’s a wanted man! Renton’s out — more exits to follow!

• Expect a DAYS bloodbath, report setsiders. With new co-executive producer Gary Tomlin arriving, several actors are expected to receive a pink slip. Although one veteran will soon pack their bags, most of the dismissals will rid the show of their untalented younger cast (with the exception of Blake Berris, of course). First up? That Southern hair model, Kristen Renton is out as, um; whom does she play, again? Oh, right — no one.

• Insiders are buzzing that former co-executive producer Ed Scott is being courted by a west coast soap. Let’s see, obviously DAYS is out of the question, so that leaves B&B, GH and Y&R. Would co-head writer Maria Arena Bell ever consider bringing back Scott to the show he helped make a success? Unlikely, but sources confirm Y&R’s top spot will be vacant very soon. Which leaves us soap fans with two believable options: B&B or GH. Hmmm… so debate away, kids. Personally? I’d bust a you-know-what if Scott helmed GL or ATWT. It’d be worth the trip, Mr. Scott — and your wife, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) is too immersed in drinking her way towards an Emmy on Y&R to notice you’re gone.

• It looks like Brandon Routh’s (ex-Seth, OLTL) Hollywood career is over. Shocker. Recent reports suggest producers are auditioning Victor Webster (ex-Nicholas) for the coveted lead role in a darker and edgier version of the super-hero. In other words, they’re replacing one bad actor with another — brilliant! Somewhere James Scott (EJ) and Y&R’s Daniel Goddard (Cane) are wishing they weren’t foreigners stuck on soaps.

• In the reel world, Stefano proposes to Kate this week, and asks the divine Ms. Roberts to be his baby mama. Wow — talk about being fertile. If Kate had a dollar for every kid she pushed out, DAYS would have a budget.

General Hospital, CTV/ABC — Mark Teschner knocks it out of the casting park! Is Burton bolting?

• Now this is an inspired and very wise casting choice: Lisa LoCicero (ex-Sonia, OLTL; ex-Jocelyn, Loving/The City) pops up in Port Charles as Kate's cousin, Olivia on Sept. 19 during Kate and Sonny’s wedding-from-hell. So where was LoCicero when GH was casting Kate?

• Is Steve Burton (Jason) finally getting a clue? Soap Opera Weekly echoes what The Suds Report revealed months ago — buzz on the GH set is Burton is thinking of bolting the violent soap opera. The Emmy winner would be ideal as a Brady Black recast on DAYS, if you ask me. And the best part? GH could finally “afford” Genie “Freaking” Francis! Yeah, right.

General Hospital: Night Shift, SOAPnet/DirecTV — Chad Allen speaks: Will he sign a long-term contract?

• GH head scribe Bob Guza weighs in on Night Shift, the show he created and wrote last year. “Season 2 is a little odd to watch because you do get attached, and then you’re like, ‘Why aren’t they calling me?’ [laughs] If it does well in the ratings, maybe it won’t be just coming on in the summer. Maybe there will be a way to keep it going.”

• Sorry, Nuke — we’ve got a new gay couple to swoon over thanks to ABC/SOAPnet. This past week, I interviewed Chad Allen (Eric) for an upcoming Out magazine story, and as expected, the gay icon didn’t disappoint. As for extending his three-episode gig on the nighttime soap, the former Our House and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman hunk said: “I’d be open to more, for sure, including joining the mother ship, but nothing’s been discussed at this point. So far, I’m having a great time.” Is Night Shift going to pull a P&G and discriminate against Eric and Kyle’s burgeoning romance? “No, [head writer] Sri Rao assured me they will treat them as equally as they do their straight couples,” relays Allen. So expect Eric and Kyle to be shot at a lot. Allen premières on Sept. 23 when Eric is introduced as a patient in need of a liver transplant and love blossoms.

Guiding Light, GLOBAL/CBS — Zimmer on OLTL? In our dreams…

• Click here to read Michael Fairman’s enlightening yet disturbing interview with Kim Zimmer (Reva). When asked if she plans on leaving GL, La Zimmy diverted the question. “If Guiding Light would go off the air, I would love to go do another soap,” she offers. “I think there is room for the Contessa to come back to Llanview and I told OLTL’s [executive producer] Frank Valentini that at one time. Echo’s brother Giles, left town and she went to jail. So they could bring her back.” Perhaps she learned A Martinez (Ray, OLTL) joined the show — and how much money he was making over at ABC. The Emmy winner would make a fabulous Sarah Roberts, non?

In reel news, Reva learns she’s preggers with Jeffrey’s baby! Take that, Joshua. Zimmer previews, "This will solidify the face that [a Jeva reunion] ain’t going to happen anytime soon.” And thank the Goddess.

• Tune into Monday’s Nelson Ratings for my review on GL’s cheap-ass Reva-Jeffrey wedding. The costumes were donated by Wal-Mart and Goodwill. However, I quite enjoyed the episode — despite the sad production realities. Kim Zimmer is on fire these days. Reva is finally being written properly for once. If anyone is going to save GL, it’s Kim Zimmer. Bitch is going to give Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, Y&R) a run for her Emmy money.

• The buzz around Peapack, N.J. hints that Jon Prescott (Mike, ATWT) could be calling Kim Zimmer Mommie Dearest soon. Prescott is said to be auditioning to play Shayne Lewis.

• A three-year contract on GL? Wow — that’s hopeful and very presumptuous. Frank Dicopolous (Frank), Robert Newman (Josh), Ron Raines (Alan), and Justin Deas (Buzz) have signed multiple-year contracts with the lowest-rated soap on daytime.

• Hubba, hubba: sinful Kane Manera (a marquee name if I ever heard one) is driving me crazy, Josh Holloway-style. Someone please steal him before P&G scares him away from soaps.

One Life to Live, AABC — Andrea Evans’ get-out-of-jail card? Exclusive: Bitchy diva speaks!

• There’s a hot rumour floating around town that an ABC star is furious over her botched comeback to the soap and is leaving as soon as she can. Hmmm… doesn’t that sounds like Andrea Evans (Tina)? And Susan Haskell (Marty)? OLTL fans shouldn’t freak out yet, because the diva in question could be Sarah Brown (Carly 6.0, GH).

• ‘Yo dog: The best actor on OLTL is getting a bitchin’ new storyline! Tallulah (Little David Vickers) exclusively tells The Suds Report, “Now that that hack, Tuc Watkins has finally stopped trying to upstage me, I can chew the scenery all by myself. Well, until I get rid of Andrea Evans [Tina], that is. All she talks about is what ‘a superstar I used to be and how fabulous I was when they wrote Tina with a brain cell.’” Tallulah wants all her fans to know that the female Shi Tsu superstar one day “plans on being the first canine to win an Emmy Award. And I’m going to dribble on my competition when I paw my way to the podium. Who’s the bitch now, bitches?” FYI: Tallulah certainly wouldn’t be the first bitch to win a golden statuette.

The Young and the Restless, Global/CBS — Calling John Edward; More stars set to return

• The revolving door at Y&R is in full swing. As Suds Report revealed last week, Raya Meddine (ex-Sabrina) will reappear in Genoa City for one episode on Sept. 24. That’s what Y&R needs — another ghost. Oh, and boo — here’s more proof we don’t need John Edward as a medium: Jerry Douglas (Alistair/John) pops up on Sept. 11 to haunt the two or three Abbotts who still live in Genoa City. Speaking of Abbotts, Eileen Davidson’s permanent return to Y&R from sister soap, B&B is now being labeled “recurring.” WTF? What did she ever do to these people? Forget pimps — it’s hard out there for a talented and gorgeous actress on the Bell soaps.

• Soap Opera Digest revealed that more fan favourites are headed back to Genoa City. It’s pretty safe to assume the press release won't have Victoria Rowell's (ex-Dru) name on it. She's the new Genie Francis (Laura, GH).

• Minority Attack: A real black actor is joining Y&R! Oh, calm down, people. Former GH star Joseph C. Phillips (ex-Justus) guests on Sept. 12 as an agent of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Will Jill tickle his fancy? Hmmm… I hope this isn’t CBS V-P Barbara Bloom’s idea of a casting coup. Or perhaps Mr. Phillips would be better suited as a new Sarah Roberts on OLTL?


• Which executive producer has an eating disorder? It’s creating quite the stir on this soap set.

• Which much-maligned head writer may be out by the winter? Yep, that clue doesn’t really narrow it down, does it?


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I gotta wonder about Nelson and P&G soaps - the KZ headline would have been a grabber had I not already read that interview and knew Nelson took it out of context, plus last week he speculated a GL actor would be sent packing, but I've not heard anything more of it - then his imaginary interview with Ellen Wheeler? Nelson needs a vacation :lol:

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It will be sad if Palmer dies during the tornado, but if it's the wish of James Mitchell so be it. For Palmer's funeral, AMC could bring back Taylor Miller(Nina), Gillian Spencer(Daisy), Brian Gaskill(Bobby) & Robert Gentry(Ross).

I'll be shocked if Babe gets killed off. I think I'd prefer a re-cast then to kill Babe off, although I've often hated her. Maybe if Cady McClain(Dixie) returns, they can kill off Krystal(Bobbie Eakes).

I agree that Ed Scott to GH would be awesome. I hope the rumors of Maurice Benard(Sonny), Steve Burton(Jason), Rick Hearst(Rick) & Sarah Brown(Claudia) leaving are true. This would most assuredly free up the funs to rehire Genie Francis(Laura) long-term, and maybe bring some other faves back on contract too, with my picks being Stuart Damon(Alan), Tristan Rogers(Robert), Antonio Sabato, Jr. (Jagger) & Richard Dean Anderson(Jeff).

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"Stefano proposes to Kate this week, and asks the divine Ms. Roberts to be his baby mama. Wow — talk about being fertile. If Kate had a dollar for every kid she pushed out, DAYS would have a budget."

That made me laugh, well played Nelson.

So, what is with Fiona Hutchison coming to ATWT as an intern? As a producer? Director? Writer? Casting? WTF?!

The producer with an eating disorder is intriguing...Ellen Wheeler? She's always been very thin. Jill Farren Phelps? She's never been too thin but looked great at the Emmys.

A big ol 'what the hell' to Eileen Davidson's return to Y&R as 'recurring'...hell no...she deserves a contract, a big one. The only thing I can think of is she has a book coming out at the end of the year (an airport novel) and I wonder if she will be busy promoting it so she didn't sign on? Whatever. She needs a contract, Y&R is very foolish if they don't give her a meaty storyline.

Ed Scott stating West Coast? It'd be a waste to go to GH, Frons runs that show. B&B = Hell No, Alden is Co-HW and she hates him and the Bells generally dislike the man as well. Y&R...uh...stranger things have happened.

And James Mitchell is 88, if he wants to retire the man has earned it.

The DAYS vet getting the pink slip better be Josh Taylor.

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Regarding the Eileen Davidson thing, here's what I posted in the other thread:

SOD reports she's back for good, but sister magazine SOW reports she's on recurring. I'm inclined to believe SOD though. SOW mentioned she'll show up in Paris, but we know Ashley is supposed to be back on September 26, a full month and a half before the Paris stuff airs.

I think SOW confused her recurring status at B&B with her Y&R comeback.

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PUH-LEASE. Kay Alden is one of daytime's most respected writers and she sure as hell trumps Bradley Bell! B&B couldn't ask for a more talented co-HW (well, with the possible exception of Jack Smith). Problem is, Bell hasn't been giving her enough power. Hopefully that will change when Kay's work as co-HW starts airing.

*hides from Sylph and WorldTurner*

I agree. Bringing ED back on recurring just makes no sense. I think/hope Blanco has his wires crossed (again).

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That will never happen, no matter who the producer is, unless Burton and Benard leave on their own.

When I used to watch DAYS, I liked Nick because he wasn't a usual soap hunk. He was a normal, kinda geeky guy, who wasn't all big muscled and stuff. I think his character was written well in the beginning, he was funny and I think Blake Berris was doing a great job at playing him.

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But the actress deserved better..I found it somewhat disrespectful how they penned her return. Plus her acting seems to be saying- "she's not into this."

Plus it shouldn't be Tess and Tina- it should be Tess and Vikki....I'm sorry but I really don't think Tess should be the one running around with DID, I think that soap s/l should've always belonged to Vikki...watching Tina on screen just felt like she was out of her cast mates league...I really hope it's Andrea Evans.

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