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Best Costumes / Best Sets

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Yeah I know Gottlieb was a controversial producer--but I agree. (I think Jill F P tries for a similar look--she did at OLTL anyway but it's just not as good--).

Yes AMC was just classic soap under Behr. James replaced her and I'd give anything to have her back--but at the time you did notice a decline in the "look" I felt. (though there were some more recent changes made that still make me scratch my head--why did they redo the CHandler Mansion set 5 or so years ago? was it budget/ Cuz the new mansion living room just is SOO less compelling without that great staircase etc)

it didn't look too great under Burke (sp?) But I rememebr when JHC came in one thing she said she'd fix, that got cheers on here, was the lights! and they're worse! :rolleyes:

But I dunno today and yesterday I noticed the show looks darker...

(and yes we need a new EP). I did like how Burke produced The City but that show was so diff in terms of sets it's hard to compare to others. Still the handheld look, using real locations, etc, was done MUCH MUCH better IMHo than GL has handled it.

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I have never been able to watch AMC because I have always thought it is the cheapest looking soap on the air. I even thought this in the 80's. Granted I LOVED OLTL which was lit like the moon by Paul Rauch so there is no accounting for my taste. But to me, AMC had the tackiest, brighest lighting, the tackiest sets... That Julie Hanan Carruthers should be fired for that reason alone. The cheapest looking soap on the air now that Passions is gone.

Best sets- Y&R without a doubt. The Newman Ranch, Lauren's apartment, all of the offices, Lily's new place is AMAZING....

Does anyone remember Brad Carlton's house- I think he and Tracy lived there- THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SET EVER in my opinion. It had that huge, amazing staircase and it was decorated beautifully. I would love it if someone remembers this set and what happened to it.... It was on alot in the late 80's, some of the 90's....

Best costumes- Again Y&R. Its just the soap with the best production values...

Best lighting: Y&R and OLTL. OLTL has had fantastic lighting ever since Linda Gottlieb overhauled it completely in 1991. I remember an interview that she gave when she joined the show- She said:

"People told me not to join OLTL because the writing is horrible- so I hired Michael Malone, they told me the lighting is horrible- so I hired the best lighting designer at ABC..."

I remember when Jessica accidentally set Llanfair on fire in October of 1991, so Gottlieb could have Llanfair redone- which it terribly needed. It was ready just in time for Bo's wedding to Cassie in which Sarah was brought back by Alex. The show looked dramatically different. The Palace Hotel during the earlier part of Gottlieb's reign was AMAZING- huge swirling staircase, dark lighting- It was stunning. ( I am not referring to the tacky dining room though- remember the yellow walls with white lattice work al throughout? Yuck." The Country Club Set was HUGE and extremely impressive- They never even use it anymore. Probably for that reason. I also loved Carlo's penthouse set and the remodeling of Asa's mansion (that is the same set to this day) The best part of the set they never show- It is this HUGE Gold ceilinged structure in a dome shape above the living room- You can see part of it in wide shots but they never show the rest anymore.

I loved OLTL's look under JFP and I love the look now. Its very sleek. A little brighter than it used to be, but great use of shadow and some really natural looking sunlight. OLTL's lighting designers seem to really love the look of natural sunlight coming through windows.

Now- If they ditched some of the tackier sets like Marcie's dump, Bo's apartment- dump, Roxie's hotel- TACKY and embarrassing- I don't care that it is Angel Square- I turn off any scene taking place in that "hotel"---

That palace in Mendorra was reused from old sets but looked amazing, the lighting was cinematic..

And also, OLTL had the best kitchen sets in daytime. Llanfair's kitchen and Dorian's kitchen are BEAUTIFUL.

GH looks utterly gray- so uncolorful- Flat, dark lighting. Terrible costumes.

I really think OLTL is above and beyond the other ABC shows- and considering it has the smallest studio in daytime, that is no small feat.

Days lighting is much improved but the show has cheap, sparse sets like Passions. Good lighting has helped though.

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If we're thinking about the same one, then it was shown a lot during the time Brad and Victoria were married, the reliquary thing, etc, and more recently whenever Brad had a game on with David. You are right, it is an absolutely amazing set.


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Re Brad's house

It originated in 88 as George & Cassandra Rawlins home. brad inherited it after his quickie marriage to Cassandra. I agree,it is a most attractive and realistic set. It has a kind of Cape Cod feel and the foyer and living room seem spacious.

It was used briefly in the Kurt Costner story when Ashley(?)went investigating Kurt's wife-I think it doubled as her former residence.

One other set I remember fondly is the Williams home on Y&R.It was used for almost 20 years and was decorated quite tackily,in keeping with the characters of Carl and Mary.But it had a sensible floor plan and extra rooms.I wonder why it hasn't been recycled.

Chris & Paul's apartment was well done.

I remember that Nina's apartment-the one with the staircase in front of the large window was redocorated as Malcolm's.

The Newman ranch is badly in need of a makeover.It has been on the show for 28 years and last redecorated in 89.it is too small to be convincing as the home of a millionaire.Occasionally,it has been expanded to show a dining room and looked a little better then.

Same with the Abbott home.There is no foyer and that tiny staircase.I always wondered why there wasn't a study included stage left that could be shown at times,rather than all the action taking place in the living room(similar as to how the Chancellor home sometimes expands and shows the dining room.)

Victor's apartment became the loft and is now the Restless style offices.I liked it's first incarnation,although it was weirdly decorated.

I have a thing about those soap staircases that have about 5 steps that supposedly lead to the next story.

The Horton home on Days looked good,especially in the early days,when the dining room,terrace and Tom's den were shown.I remember reading it was left over from a sitcom and re-used.Mickey and Maggie should be living there,caring for Alice.

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